Spring Villa renamed Ritzy Palace Chinese Cuisine

Posted on May 15, 2016


Updated Nov 1, 2021: Spring Villa has a new name, Ritzy Palance Chinese Cuisine. I haven’t been back to attest if the food is as good as it used to be but they seem to have comparable menu.


Back in February, we celebrated Chinese New Year in Spring Villa.  I sadly could not blog about the experience as all the images I took were blurry.  It was rather funny trying to capture the experience when I have my favorite little girl, Andi, sitting in my lap. That taught me a lot not to combine two things I love.  So we went the second time around a few weeks ago and I sat in my own chair with Andi sitting right across me.  Yes, I learn pretty quickly. :)

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We were hoping for another round of dimsum for that second time we came into this restaurant.  The dimsum we enjoyed the first time was something that stuck in my head and up to now,  I am craving that steamed bun with the crusty egg wash glaze.  It was so comforting, I found it amusing that Andi agreed with me. She willfully did ate the bun the around the edges and gave the middle part to her mom.

The second time we came to Spring Villa, we made the mistake of showing up for dinner and they sadly did not have the dimsum menu.  But all was not lost as every choice we made were absolutely delicious.  We went for fish soup, spare ribs, deep fried squid and Yang Chow fried rice.  I must say we ate each and every morsel.  There was nothing I was willing to leave behind. The deep fried squid was most impressive as it was cooked just right and it was tender to the bite. It had the right heat just to make things interesting but not enough to deter the kids from trying it. The spare ribs almost falls off the bone, flavourful without being overly salty. I actually licked it to the bone.

But still my craving for the steamed bun was not pacified.  I need to get back in there.  Shouldn’t be too soon.

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