Posted on May 16, 2016


I found myself with time to spend one afternoon in Etobicoke by Bloor and Islington.  I don’t frequent this area but I was to visit a friend and I was too early.  I opted to scout the streets and when I got my fill of old houses that would give you flashbacks of the 70s that has gone and past, I went searching for a restaurant.  That afternoon, Bonimi caught my attention.

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Bonimi caught my eye because it was a cuisine I never had tried before.  It was Serbian.  I was curious about what was their comfort food and there were only good things in the reviews I saw online.  Looking at their menu, I was surprised to see schnitzel.  I haven’t come across a schnitzel I didn’t like so I walked into Bonimi. I got a lot of surprises that afternoon for sure.

First surprise was that the very understated restaurant was that it was set up fine dining style without being too stiff.  Real plates, heavy cutlery, crystal glass and a bread basket with bread tucked underneath a towel later, I know I was in for a treat. While I am ok eating from the most humble way of standing in the street and holding a styrofoam for a plate, it never misses that pleasure using real heavy plates and cutlery to enjoy a good meal.  And the prices of the food were very reasonable.  All that hospitality made me definitely happy and I haven’t even tasted the food just yet.  It was pretty evident too that they were popular among the Serbian community as they spoke the language that was far for me to understand.  In the whole time I was there, the restaurant was busy.  I guess when you do something well, people would come in droves.

Going through their menu, most items are unfamiliar to me but descriptions beneath them helped me discern what to try.  With the help of the lady that served me, I opted for the Bonimi Schnitzel which was stuffed with cheese, breaded and deep fried.  Cheese and fried sold the item to me.  What I didn’t know is that Serbian Schnitzel came in rolled like a log. So that was my surprise number two.  As it was placed before me, I was not sure I had the right plate. As I sliced through it, out came the cheesy stuffing, making me all feel giddy. It wasn’t long when I finished off the serving.  Each bite just compels you to eat more.

After the last bite, I asked for my bill and then came another surprise.  I was told by my server that they have a complimentary dessert.  It was just getting better and better. She told me that it was a crepe and I can have a choice to top it with either Nutella, Chocolate, Jam or honey & walnuts. Baffled at the choices, I told her to give me how she would eat it and she gave me the sweetest of smiles.  She came back with a crepe topped with honey and walnuts and I was glad that I made that impulsive request. It was just what I needed, warm, soft, sweet and nutty.  My kind of dessert, perfect in every way.

After the meal, I looked back at the menu once again.  Maybe I will come back and try the grilled items.  I believe I want to know more Serbian comfort food. :)

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