Fishbone Innisfil

Posted on October 18, 2021


The dinner that I enjoyed at Fishbone Innisfil last Saturday made me realize the last blog I posted was 5 years ago. Back then, in an effort to simplify, blogging was one of the things I let go.  Much has changed and improved since my last post.  Two jobs and a pandemic later, all that change and time gave me a better understanding of myself.  Much of that was the realization of how much blessings I have been getting all these years. When I started counting how many good fortunes I had through the years, all the curve balls seem irrelevant now that all those times have faded away. I find I am happiest when I choose to reminisce only good times and good memories. 

Just like most everyone, I have grounded myself from travelling since March 2020 and I have gotten used to making do with the new normal for anything and everything.  Much is not to my liking but I learned to adapt and I learned to zip the complaints. In privacy, I kept my tantrums locked in my brain paired rolling of my eyes for the most part. I try to see the humour in the direst of situations to help me cope. 

A month into this new norm with some restrictions lifted,  I was pretty much back into the habit looking for interesting restaurants. At the start, I had to reinvent my usual style of randomly picking a restaurant and I set my expectations low. I find I am totally disconnected from the food scene as I see so many new names and some of my old favourites are gone. I have tried a few but it was only my meal at Fishbone Innisfil that stood out.  They transported me out of my pandemic haze and reminded me that a good meal is more than just having good food.

Fishbone Innisfil gave me the whole package: the ambiance reminding me of relaxing shores of La Barceloneta, the impeccable flourish and finesse of our server, Roth, a beautiful table by the window (affording me to still see the lake view outside) and most importantly, how every dish we ordered were executed flawlessly. I don’t even know which one is my favourite as they were all spot on – perfectly cooked seafood, al dente pasta and savoury paella. For a very light social drinker, I was even happy with my G&T as it was as citrusy and aromatic as most delicious fruity cocktails would go.  I was actively taking pictures of food again like I did many years ago back when I was blogging. All throughout the meal, I was happily eating every morsel and skimming my plate with my fork until the last of the lip-smacking sauce was gone.  

While sipping my bold and hot coffee, I had the urge to write again and on a whim, I blurted it out to our server, Roth.  This was something that has not been there for the longest time. I just had to translate this experience into words. I felt I want to share my contentment and gratitude that we are seemingly getting back to how things are used to be, where we can enjoy once again the pleasures of a good meal with friends and family.   I cross my fingers that this is the start to things getting better. I will hang on to my optimism and I hope it will translate to many more delicious morsels and memories  :)