My name is Ann (with several variations: Ana, Annie, Anusha, Ania…I respond to all of it!) and this blog is all about my love affair with food.  All my life I have always been drawn to the joys of eating and cooking.  As a kid, I have always hovered around grown-ups whilst they prep and cook, enjoying how cooking could be so simple and complex at the same time.  Despite the countless oil spatters, accidental burns on my little fingers as I reached out for a not-so-cold baking tin or cookie sheet, I took it all in stride as I happily cooled down my burns on leftover cookie batter :D

I have always been curious and adventurous to try another remarkable food experience.  My move from Manila to Toronto expanded my palate immensely.  The culinary diversity of my chosen Canadian city gives so many surprises, learnings and of course, tastings!  I have been based in Toronto for a decade and I doubt I have exhausted every possible foodie road trip nor every Toronto eats.  Such is a daunting task nevertheless a task I am very much willing to take.  Just the thought of the pleasure of feeling a homey contentment at the smell of a slow-cooked stew, the slow burn of my palate at each helping of Indian Spinach Curry they call Palak Paneer or the warm assurance of a Polish blueberry pierogi is enough incentive to make me pack up and head to my next foodie destination.  These experiences are so vivid in my mind and I am in search for more to relish.

These days you can find me run around Toronto trying out new and old restaurants and queue up with other foodies at numerous Toronto food events. I have started my own food photography business with Abraham Wornovitzky that is EyeCandyTO. My world majorly revolves around food and I love every minute of it. :)

I welcome any comments and suggestions to what I should add to my blog.  If you want to take the conversation offline, please send me an email at eyecandyto@gmail.com

Food Trippin' Toronto restaurants
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  1. Hi Ann,

    I’m interested in inviting you as VIP to our event this February 5th. Please contact me.


  2. Genevieve

    January 4, 2016

    Hi Ann,

    Would it be possible to get a contact e-mail for you? I have a media request.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hello Ann, Can you contact me at chris@honeywater.ca. Thank you.

  4. Hello,

    There is a pop-up restaurant taking place between November 22nd-January 5th by Chef Aleem Syed, the first Chef in a wheelchair operating out of Toronto. Before his accident, he worked for some of Toronto’s most elite establishments including Canoe, Terra, Soho Metropolitan and Origin North.

    He is currently working on opening up his new venture and in the mean time showcasing his menu through this pop-up.

    The Chef Aleem Team is holding a media event and will be in the company of major Toronto blogs and is extending an invitation for you to join!

    Date: November 28th 2014

    Time: 8 PM

    Address: 1180 Queen Street West (We are operating out of a restaurant called The Midpoint)

    Please RSVP at your earliest convenience. This day is specifically for media outlets and major Toronto based blogs and websites. We have structured the night so Chef Aleem will have ample time to speak to everyone attending. Once again, thank you for your interest in our venture and we look forward to seeing you there.

    For further information please contact chefaleemreservations@gmail.com.


  5. SheryL♥

    November 18, 2014

    Thanks for dropping by! You’re great!~^^

  6. Hello, Ann! How do I get in touch with you by email?

  7. hello Ann,
    You took some great photos at the Toronto Garlic Festival. Can we use some of them on the festival site and credit you? (also, one of the festival chefs, Sang Kim, would like to use one of your pics on his blog). Please let me know if that’s ok.

  8. Hi Ann! I stumbled upon your blog on Urbanspoon, and had to comment! I’m a Filipina too – originally from Vancouver and moved to Toronto last year… And I love to eat! I’m definitely going to check out Kanto soon!


    • anngagno

      October 16, 2012

      Hi Mijay!
      Nice to meet you! Do pass by Kanto! Diona is quite a sweetheart and she could cure your homesickness for Filipino comfort foods (I Love Turon!).
      Hope to come across you in one of the food events! Would surely enjoy meeting another foodie :)

  9. Just did my photo review of Kanto.
    Thanks to you for letting me know Kanto!

  10. Hi Ann,Don’t know if you have but if you haven’t, you should try out the Ritz Diner on Donlands near Cosburn (south of Woodbine). Elegant affordable meals with a Filipino touch that I miss so much! It doesn’t hurt that they serve a handful of Filipino dishes!

    • Thanks for the tip! Would surely keep it in mind when I pass through the Donlands! Thanks for reading! :)

  11. Hi Ann,

    Your first posts just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:



    • Thanks for approving my blog to be in Urban Spoon. This is a big motivation for me to go blogging some more!


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