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McRamyun – Permanently closed

June 7, 2015


I was invited to come to the newly opened McRamyun at McCaul and Baldwin, just a little north of the AGO. They have their own little spin to instant ramen noodles, pairing it with traditional korean ramen soups and also quirky versions of North American staples. Accompanied by my good friend Jojo, we got to […]

Touhenboku Ramen

December 7, 2013


Sometimes there are those days wherein you have a dire need to rant and it is always good that I have a good friend who I know who would listen. Wednesday was such a day. Both my friend Jojo and I have things to unload of stresses from work and from our day-to-day. We were […]

A-OK Foods – Permanently closed

August 4, 2013


Last Wednesday night I absent-mindedly forgot to turn off the headlights of my car as I waited for a friend ran an errand. Pouring rain made the night cold and helplessly wet, draining the battery when I stupidly left the headlights on. The supposedly quick errand became almost an hour wait for CAA. Sitting in […]

Kingyo Izakaya

March 30, 2013


This week my friend Diona a.k.a TitaFlips was craving a really hot noodle soup.  With the advent of all ramen places all around Toronto,  I have several places that I suggested.  All of them were not chosen though as when I saw the featured Top 10 New Restaurants 2013 of Toronto Life,  I put all […]


September 24, 2012


With the recent surge of ramen places in Toronto, I must say I am one of the happy foodies around.  I have a love of the comfort that a ramen can give.  The soup warmth always  that satisfaction of having a good meal.  Everything in one bowl, noodle for carbs, pork belly for protein and […]

Kinton Ramen

July 15, 2012


Being summer, my teaching schedule was light compared to the first few months of the year.  Taking advantage of it, I brought along my sister, niece and my nephew to go food trippin’ with me downtown.  All three of them have  a love for Japanese cuisine and because Japanese noodles are on the top of […]