Pumpkin Farm Road trip

Posted on October 18, 2010


Every year my sister and I invite friends and family to her house and we collectively carve pumpkins.  We give the pumpkins and by the end of the get-together, we take photos of the pumpkins together with who had carved it.  It’s all in great fun and company.  This year we scheduled it for next Sunday, October 24.

This weekend, on our way to watch a stage play in Stratford, Ontario (http://www.stratfordfestival.ca/), we passed by a farm with a pumpkin patch and really awesome pumpkins up in display.  We all agreed to pass by that pumpkin farm again on our way home to Toronto to use for our pumpkin carving party.

Just about 20 km east of Stratford, Ontario at Hwy 7/8,  Smelski Giant Pumpkins is a popular destination at Shakespeare, Ontario.  Aside from the obvious stall to sell pumpkins, there are lots of other fun things for kids to play and gawk at.  There is a pumpkin playground to go crawl into, a haunted woody trail full of ghosts and creepy crawlies, an old 1952 Ford tractor pulling a wagon with a scarecrow lounging leisurely on a wooden bench.  They have a lot of very interesting pumpkin arrangements and my favorite is the turkey pumpkin ;)

Visit a pumpkin farm this autumn before all of them disappear and turn into Jack O’ Lanterns and pumpkin pies.