Awesome Pulled Pork Sandwich :)

Posted on March 17, 2011


Just as what I divulged last post, my friend Natalia and I are on a hunt for a gallery to host our exhibition.  We planned on scouting the Queen St West area, close to Ossington towards Dovercourt.  I have once walked this part of town before having a nocturnal fill of art that on that annual Toronto Nuit Blanche back in 2009.  Rows and rows of galleries showing different forms of art.  Walking this part of town again gives me a surge of excitement and nervousness.  I am finally doing something to get on to my first exhibition!

I walked in and met Natalia at the neighbourhood Starbucks and we started talking about what we needed to do.  Our initial intent was to walk in and out of galleries but we decided against it when the grumblings of our tummies was too hard to ignore.  One thing I love about this part of Toronto is that it is filled with places where you cannot find elsewhere.  There is always that uniqueness that can piqué one’s interest.

Natalia talked about trying out this little café located within Drake Hotel.  As we strode past Dovercourt Road,  I noticed a small eatery type that seemingly promises anything and everything BBQ.  Seeing the sign say Drake BBQ, I thought this was the joint we were going to.  When we walked past it, I felt a wave of disappointment which I later pacified with the thought that I do have all the time to come back to try it one day.  We walked past Drake BBQ and went in Drake’s Corner Cafe.  Walking in,  I forgot about my heartbreak over BBQ and I have an immediate good feel of being in a cozy diner.  I love the big bar and big windows behind a full wall banquet seatings.

One thing I always do when I walk in a restaurant is check out what the diners are having.  It would always give me an indication of the care and love that went into the food that a restaurant serves.  By the look of the plates that are on the tables and the relaxed appearance of the people around me, Drake BBQ seems to be a distant memory.

We were handed menus and I zeroed in a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.  I thought then, maybe that would make up for the BBQ that I had walked away from earlier.  My friend Natalia, however, was indecisive and asked for recommendations from the waitress.  As she was going through the best items on the menu, a tidbit of information got me listening.  The waitress said that the pulled pork BBQ sandwich came from Drake BBQ!  Totally YAY!  It was meant for me to taste this yummy sandwich, that’s for sure! :)

I have to restrain myself  for a short moment (yet again!) because I had to take pictures of it first!  Natalia ordered the same thing and I just love the way she waited for me to finish snapping away.  I appreciate that she had to wait just so I can have my perfect blogging pic. Digging in to this sandwich was really mouth-watering moment.  I later found out that they take days to marinate the pork and then they slow cook it for 18 hours.  It has the right tart, tangy, saucy balance of a BBQ sauce and every bite just gets better and better.  Just the satisfaction of biting in a very tender and moist piece of BBQ’d pork makes me crave it now.  Arrrggghh…absolute torture that I remember the exact sensation vividly while I write this blog! :p

p.s  The fries were quite awesome too!   ;)

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