Le Petit Dejeuner

Posted on May 8, 2011


When a good friend calls you up on a lazy weekend and suggests a brunch, how can you say no?  I immediately googled for places that have the best Egg Benedict in Toronto (yep, I ignore the fact that Hollandaise sauce adds inches to my bulging waist :p) .  No matter which review site I go to, this place seem to always be propping up in the site’s “Best” list.  I just have to drop by and see.

So Sunday morning comes and I picked up my friend and we strolled from his condo to the restaurant.  As we were walking by Yonge St, I realize that this trip might not see fruition.  Going for brunch on Mother’s Day might be a bit challenging.  I look at every breakfast/lunch joint we pass by and it’s bustling with big groups of people, either sitting enjoying breakfast and a good conversation or waiting in line to have their turn.  We arrive at Le Petit Dejeuner (191 King Street East Toronto ON M5A1J5) and we were greeted with a crowd of people outside the restaurant. As I asked Jojo whether we should go looking for another place, one woman who was also waiting in line butted in to say we might have better chances in getting inside since it’s always easier to give a table to two people than a big group of five.  When I heard that comment, it does make a lot of sense.  I am not sure if it were my reluctance to abandon the opportunity to try a highly recommended Benny’s place or my logic that walking around Toronto is pointless when searching a restaurant that is empty on Mother’s day that made us stay in line to wait.  I’m glad that we waited.  I believe this is one of the best Benny’s that I have tasted.

We walk in and I immediately look around tables and scout what seems to be a popular choice.  Two things I see is most commonly ordered as waiters pass by me with plates: several variations of Egg Benedict and Strawberry Waffles.  I have my heart set on eating Eggs Benedict and quietly made a mental note of coming back for the waffles.  Jojo and I were directed to a small bright green booth.  I didn’t mind the tight squeeze as the interior of the restaurant has a coziness and relaxed atmosphere that complements well my lazy weekend theme at the moment.  The eggs came and came the usual torture of having to photograph them first.  I say torture as the sight of it makes you want to dig in right away.  Plated atop an English muffin and smoked salmon, eggs smothered with Hollandaise sauce always whets my appetite.  This one does not disappoint as it has a good balance of acidity and creaminess to it.  Needless to say, I cleaned up my plate for every morsel.  Even Jojo who usually eats light finished everything on his plate.

What’s my biggest surprise is Jojo suggesting we order the Waffle with strawberries.  I was secretly lusting after it but thought it was too indulgent.  When he suggested we just split one plate of it. Again, how can you say no? I know, I know, I should run the treadmill today for all I ate for my brunch but hey, it’s a Belgian place.  Waffles should be ordered and savored!  We didn’t have to wait too long and the plate arrives.  It was a pleasant surprise of having a crunchy texture to the buttery, waffle.  I sort of expected a doughy, pancake-like softness.  I think I prefer this way of having my waffle from now on.

Today was such a good day.  I am still smiling now at the thought of all the food I ate.  The day is not even over yet ;)


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