Meeting the Ladies of the Women’s Culinary Network

Posted on June 1, 2011


This month May, has been a roller coaster of meeting new people and experiencing new things on my pursuit of a career in food photography.  I have mentioned in earlier posts that I have different things cooking in the sidelines and because of this, I met a whole new slew of people.  My quest of finding balance between the work and play with my photography has presented a whole new avenue where I have met so many foodies.  This is when I came across the Women’s Culinary Network of Toronto (  How much happier an aspiring food photographer can get?

A few weeks ago, while viewing the exhibitions of Contact Toronto 2011, I come across an artist who gave me information about a lecture.  It’s a lecture given by Alison Fryer, the manager of the Cookbook Store (  As I was reading the flyer of the event, it says it’s a lecture about the business of cookbooks.  The least I can do in an event like this was to listen and walk away with a good grasp of what is happening in that part of the food industry.  But I walked away with more.

I took a chance and approached Alison and asked for some of her time.  She graciously invited me over the store and in our conversation, she suggested that I come to the networking event of culinary professionals in the GTA happening 31st of May.  I’m so glad taking her up on her advice as it was an awesome event.

The networking/potluck event for members was held at Evergeen Brick Works up at Bayview Avenue.  Prepping my contribution for the potluck, I have a moment’s bout of fear, thinking if my food would please a group of discerning palates.  EEEEEEP!  Most of the time, I am pretty secure that I get all thumbs up review of my food.  But hrrrmmnnn…lol

The day being so hot yesterday,  I ended up bringing my version of a Caprese salad.  Tiny succulent grape tomatoes skewered together with a fresh basil leaf and bocconcini ball should make the cut.  I thought this would be better than my preplanned spring rolls as I would appreciate something light and cool on my mouth on a very hot day.

Arriving the event, I had a minor case of the nerves which quickly disappeared as I met and talked to several members of the group.  One consistent thing that everyone mentioned to me is that the group is very keen on helping out members make it in the business.  It was such a big boost to my confidence.  Being able to mingle and interact with fellow foodies, I felt happy and content.  I look back and reaffirm that what I did a year ago, leaving my old career, was a indeed the right step.

The main highlight of the evening was to honor the organization’s Woman of the Year, Andrea Damon Gibson, owner of Toronto’s Fred’s Bread (  What she said was inspiring and have been on my mind since last night.  She pointed out that what makes her job so satisfying is that she could share her work with friends and family.  Food is indeed for sharing.  Food makes a community.

What is better than a place to meet new friends and share good food? One very clear thought on my head standing there, listening to Andrea speak,  “I am where I want to be”.