Gladstone Hotel New Menu Food Shoot

Posted on June 15, 2011


And so it finally came, my first restaurant food shoot.  All the prepping and practicing and finally I face the real thing.  Exhaling deep,  I walk in the Gladstone Hotel, a historic art-oriented boutique hotel, at Queen St West, accompanied by my friend and food stylist, Abe Wornovitzky.

I skipped coffee that day.  With the adrenalin rush I feel, I don’t think I need the extra jolt.  After locating the Gladstone’s Creative Director, Jeremy, we went to the back section off the Melody Bar and started setting up.  Usually when I do creatives for a food shoot, I spend a lot of hours just for 2 – 3 images.  This day, we committed to anywhere from 12 – 16 dishes.  Being a new menu, I know it’s important to get as much as we could.  Abe and I knew we have to work quickly and keep up the quality the we are always striving for.  I have worked with Abe for a while now and I have the feeling that he is just very much like me. We both see pressure as a great motivator to do well.

I try to write about this experience but I find myself speechless.  We got 15 images tucked in our belt that day.  And I’ll let some of the images do the talking.

And oh, yes, Abe and I sampled all the food that we took pictures of.  I am now a believer of Chef Marc Breton’s philosophy.  In season local food always hits a spot.  Succulent in taste and flavorful with each bite,  I am sure I’ll be back again.  This time to sit, relax and savor the experience. :)

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