Future’s Bakery and Cafe

Posted on June 26, 2011


One of my most favorite places in Toronto is this casual Bakery/Pub/Cafe up at the Annex, Future’s Bakery and Cafe.  I came upon it about three years ago through an internet meetup.  This place is always brimming with people.  With really cheap prices, free WiFi,  it’s a haven for UofT students on a budget.  A huge bulletin board right at the middle of the restaurant is a mass of flyers for local events and ads.  Most items on the menu are Eastern European cuisine, with heaping entrées and big portions of a good choice of desserts. However, none the things I listed is the reason I love this place.  Through the 2 years of studying photography up in Ryerson, I have met another set of friends who seem to love this place as much as I do.  This place has the highest batting average of “Yes! I’ll come for a beer!” response when I send out emails that it’s time for a get-together.  Being strategically situated in the middle of Toronto, situated beside the Spadina subway station, makes it accessible for everyone.

I am most amused with the way they served their beers, particularly Hoegaarden which they have on tap.  I call it a vase!  It’s huge and it’s ridiculous to watch someone drink their beer with both hands holding the glass.  On a recent visit though, a friend of mine tried another kind, Blanche Chambly.  Its taste similar to Rickard’s White, citrusy and no strong beer aftertaste.  I am no beer connoisseur but it’s something I would like to try once again.  It’s now officially added to my short list of beers.  My friend Valerie would pat me in the back that my beer choices are expanding :D

When it comes to food, I almost always order Eggplant Parmigiana.  But for a recent visit, I whimsically thought that I should expand my horizon and try another dish.  I’ve noticed that one of the popular things that people order are the cabbage rolls.  When the waiter left, I half-wished to have the courage to call him back to change it to my usual fare.  Good thing that I did not muster up the courage as the cabbage rolls was tender and flavorful.  The cabbage rolls were perfectly seasoned and the texture of al dente rice stuffing was quite pleasant to savor.  My biggest fear with vegetables with rice stuffing is that the rice would end up mushy or undercooked.  The one I got was  just right and I finished up literally every morsel.  This is one happy foodie!


I am still yet to try anything from the dessert counter.  Between a pint of beer and a big plate of food, I can never find space to fit dessert.  Maybe next time, I’ll have cheesecake for dinner? ;)

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