Bar Italia this Summerlicious 2011

Posted on July 17, 2011


This summer seems like I don’t have enough time to get around Toronto.  So many things happening the same time, this foodie is way behind my blog entries.  I will try to catch up and that would mean you guys would be immersed with posts from me.  Life of a foodie, never boring ;)

I promised myself that no matter how busy I’ll get this July, I’ll at least get myself to try one Summerlicious-participating restaurant. Summerlicious is any foodie’s heaven in Toronto, where fine dining restaurants create a set menu for lunch and dinner priced at a minimum.  It’s the time for when foodies can try items in a celebrated restaurant without walking out with a hefty bill.  I made sure a friend of mine knows and for her to give me a shout when she does her rounds.  Janice is very much into food as I am and have a knack for discovering new places and organizing people to get there.  Just as she promised, she sends me an email to try this Italian restaurant at Little Italy.  I checked out Bar Italia online after reading her email.  I find that despite being in business since 1987, they are still current in their food menu choices and restaurant interiors.  Reviews are consistently good as I go from link to link trying to get an idea of what they offer and how the public perceives them.  Seeing all these positive reviews, it’s the push that got me there today.

Finding the restaurant in Little Italy is fairly easy and I walked in the patio and saw Janice already there and waiting.  I found out that she already has scored so many restaurants this Summerlicious event and she plans to go out some more before it ends the next weekend.   The waitress arrives with the menu and  I eagerly tell her that I was actually already decided as I read all about their choices online.  If you are an old friend of mine, you will noticeably notice how I love anything with tomato and eggplant.  I was quite happy that they have choices that were big favorites of mine.  I started with a traditional Bruschetta with a generous tomato, basil, parmesan and garlic topping as my primi, Eggplant Parmigiana Panini for secondi and Tiramisu for dolci. Janice ordered almost the same as me, just opting for Penette for her secondi, which is penne with roasted chicken breast, peppers, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes in pesto.  Admittedly that is tempting but I have to stick with my old love, eggplant parmigiana.

The Bruschetta arrived and the tomatoes coolness in the roof of my mouth is refreshing.  Today’s heat is sweltering in Toronto, it’s a welcome treat.  I like the subtle hint of garlic flavor, possibly rubbed onto the crisp baguette slice and the aroma of the basil wafting as you take each bite.  A little after we finished our bruschetta, our secondi arrived and I hurriedly snap pictures of both plates.  It was really quick, mind you, as I was excited in tasting my meal.  Its aroma was torturing me as I snapped away.  It did not disappoint when I finally got a bite.  The eggplant was so tender and flavorful,  I finished the whole thing. :)

As I was waiting for dessert, I realized that since the first two parts of my meal were awesome, I would expect the coffee to be really good at this Italian restaurant.  Good coffee paired with what most reviews I read call as the best Tiramisu in Little Italy, I was one happy camper.  After finishing the last bit of Tiramisu on my plate, I agree with the reviews I read.  The Tiramisu is delightful, light and moist but not overly sweet.  My kind of perfect ending to a great meal.

My food for thought after the meal, squeeze another Summerlicious into my crazy schedule.

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