Montreal Poutine

Posted on August 4, 2011


When in Montreal, what does a potato lover do?  Eat poutine of course!  May I remind you just how much I love tubers.  Please click link to see how much potato love I have :D

Tired and famished after half a day of doing whirlwind touristy thingies in Montreal, we wandered off the beaten path and found this place by accident.  I initially thought that this place only had a few patio tables.  But seeing that they based their whole restaurant on poutine, it have caught my eye amidst all the choices we had in Old Montreal.  Looking at their menu, the prices were reasonable and it seems to have something for everyone in my family.   I thought we had to wait a few minutes for tables in the patio but the waiter told me to follow him.  I probably have an incredulous look in my face as he beckoned me to follow more vigorously.

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I had a pleasant surprise when he led us to the inner courtyard of this old building which they have converted into a backyard patio for their restaurant.  Cozy with lighting strategically positioned, weathered patio tables for dining and a very old tree that gives the whole area a much-needed shade on a hot, sweltering day.  Those were the things that greeted me as I walked in the backyard patio of Montreal Poutine.  Feeling quite invigorated,  I was impressed about the relaxed ambiance of the place.  If this restaurant were in Toronto, I would definitely be a regular.  I haven’t even had dinner yet and was ready to commit to a promise.  lol…

As what I was expecting, similar to Poutini’s in Toronto, they have a variety of poutine.  Since I felt I might get only one chance to eat in this place, I decided to go big.  Looking at the menu, I was torn between mushroom/onion or bacon poutine.  Seeing my sister wanted to try poutine too, we agreed on ordering both, splitting each halfway.  I just love my sister!  She always finds a way to put a smile on my face.  Two poutine-tasting in one sitting, yep!  That does make me smile.  The restaurant has more to offer than just poutine though.  My niece went for the chicken caesar salad, my nephew for a pizza and my brother-in-law for a Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich on rye.

My poutine arrives and I felt like a total glutton of having too much bacon in front of me.  For all you bacon lovers out there, I know it’s bad to waste and leave bacon uneaten but I reached my threshold of salt.  Lucky me that I didn’t have to finish it and I was able to trade it with my sister’s mushroom and onion poutine.  It was equally delicious, earthy and rich, deep flavor of mushrooms mixed with sweet slivers of onion.  This potato lover was in pure bliss.  Next time I get back to Montreal, this place is a definite stop on my itinerary.

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