Food Truck Eats A Second Time Around

Posted on August 22, 2011


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The first Food Truck Eats at the Distillery District last July left my belly happy and my feet sore.  Even though I was 15 minutes early for the event, long queues for good food greeted me. So when the second Food Truck Eats event got underway last August 20th, I thought I’d be an hour early.  Even that did not suffice!  Seems like a lot of people thought of the same thing.  Glad to know that despite the congested feel of the first event, people came back just like me, clamoring for more. Armed with a map they have provided on their Facebook page and a water bottle, I came hungry.    Kudos to organizer Suresh Doss of, as he listened to feedbacks (or read tweets and Facebook feeds) and made the second go all better, bringing in more vendors and trucks, expanding the area of the event and even having free water refilling stations.

I hurried to El Gastronomo Vagabundo’s truck, knowing in a matter of minutes, the line would be unbelievably long.  Rightly so, as he delivers again like the first time.  The corn fritters, delicious crust on the outside and was moist in the inside, was topped with a sweet sour chili infused sauce.  With the first bite, I wished I went for two plates of it.  Ah but then again, I had to reserve some space for other treats!  Easily pacified, I moved to Caplansky’s equally famous truck, eyeing the BBQ Brisket slider and gourmet pogo.  Two trucks down and I eat happily, planning my next move as I chew.  I look at Gorilla Cheese and it seems hopeless for me to try that.  The line for their designer grilled cheese sandwiches is seriously competing in length with El Gastronomo Vagabundo’s.  Lining up for a while would not be so good for me this time around as I had another purpose for coming to this second installation of Food Truck Eats.  I came to write an article for CityBites about this foodie haven.  I have to hit more trucks and vendors to give it justice.  Isn’t that such a convenient excuse to try so many things? ;)

So I moved further on and tried Bonfire Catering’s savory potato pizza.  I missed out on this one last time.  Relishing my own slice of heaven, the pizza hits a definite spot!  Cooking the pizza in a wood fired oven gives it a distinct smoked aroma that really makes your mouth water. I see Smoke’s Poutinerie truck right beside Bonfire Catering’s truck and got me wishing for a bigger tummy.  Most of the time, I could never resist a poutine but I thought to pass it up.  Pizza and poutine back-to-back was much too much for this foodie.

As I try to breath a little bit, I scout for some more that would be easier on a full tummy.  I see that Shriner Creek’s Kettle Pop Corn have three flavours out for sampling.  Quite a magnet, I should say as I see people mill around their truck for a while and then walk away with bags of popcorn.   I checked it out and found that my favorite flavour, butter caramel, was not at the dispensers.  I had faith that vendors like these always have popcorn fresh so I intended to bring home a pack of butter caramel.  I see on the shelf a variety of caramel-based flavours and the owner graciously gave me samples to differentiate.  Although all of what I tried are as equally good and flavourful, I got my heart set for my usual butter caramel.

Checking out the time, I actually was so surprised that I was able to get to 4 trucks in less than an hour.  That was a big improvement than the last time.  Vendors have remarkably sold at a faster rate than the first time.  The flurry activity in the busiest of trucks was quite impressive to watch.  The second Food Truck Eats was more organized, fast and efficient in prepping food.  I mentally asked for forgiveness for telling a friend of mine that having a baby stroller would not be a good idea in events like this.  I have to make sure I make amends for the third Food Truck Eats.

I moved to check out the other trucks on the alleyways of the Distillery District and I find more dessert trucks.  Me being me, after the butter caramel popcorn, I wanted something savory again.  I have to reserved Cupcake Diner treats for Food Truck Eats Part 3. I move on and eventually made it to the Simple Eats booth.  The last time, I was one of the heartbroken foodies who got turned away as they ran out of the fish tacos and lobster sliders way too early.  They say this time they doubled the food that they brought the last time.  I was quite entertained with the person prepping multiple fish tacos on his arm.  As I take my first bite, I so love that they did not scrimp on the filling.  The zing was just right and the avocado guacamole was smooth and creamy.  The taco was considerably big and as I try to valiantly finish it, I look around and I see people walking around with maple bacon donuts and meat skewers.  I groaned probably a little more loudly than I should.  I knew then that after that fish taco, I cannot take any more.  Or so I thought.  Finishing up with the taco, it wasn’t even 10 minutes and my resolve melted.  I could not resist going for Cava’s churros.

After all that food, I did feel a bit guilty for eating way too much.  I think for the Food Truck Eats part 3, I’ll have to plan it  ONLY for the ones I missed.  Whether I have a strong will, I have yet to discover.  That might just become my next post!  :)

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