Dark Horse Espresso Bar at Queen St. West

Posted on August 27, 2011


What I love most about coffee shops in Toronto is that they seem hell-bent on keeping customers stay for forever and a day.  Very good coffee, free WiFi, comfortable chairs and wooden tables, cozy ambiance of exposed brick wall, an ornate tin ceiling feature and a wide big glass window, the Dark Horse Espresso Bar at Queen St West, draws in a crowd of fans.  I found myself being one of those happy people as I was trying to kill time before seeing a client.  I was half an hour early and seeing the Dark Horse Espresso Bar, I found the perfect place to do some whiling away of time.  I had their coffee before at the Spadina space.  Back then I thought that it was just one location.  Good to know that they are adding more.  I hope they reach North York.

I got myself a cup of latte and the barista gave me a treat.  He aerated the milk and made the foam so thick.  Adding it on my cup of espresso, I watch him effortlessly create a beautiful heart on my cup.  Such a simple treat but I do love the extra detail I got for my latte.  When he handed me the cup, I spent a while taking pictures of my latte.  The foam was so thick it held up for a few minutes.  I love this coffee!  Smooth and no bitter after taste, just the way I like it.

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