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Posted on October 31, 2011


With all the Food Truck Eats that I have attended this summer, my little sister Ishy have expectations that she and I would be able to get her into such an event during her visit to Toronto.  Such is a tall order during the fall.  Luck was with me as Yvonne from Bonfire Catering tipped me off that they would be at Yonge and Dundas for the weekend to take part in Digifest’s Sunday Funday .  The gods must be foodies giving me the perfect solution on how I can keep my promises to my kid sis :D

Knowing how FoodTruckEats go, I arrived early at Yonge and Dundas Square with Ishy and another friend, Mace, 45 minutes early to opening.  We idled around the shops for a bit as we did have a license to act like tourists (Ishy lives in Singapore and Mace comes from Vancouver), stopping here and there with the funniest of poses.  My sister is just as silly as I am when it comes to portraits, or maybe the more proper word is mischievous? ;)

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So after we got tired from all the gawking and the giggling,  we finally approached Yvonne’s Bonfire Catering Truck.  Yvonne gives us the best foodie treat.  She invites us to see the truck, giving us a tour of how they manage the space and how much pizza dough she can stuff inside her truck (no pun intended…hehehe).  I am in awe about how efficient the space is inside.  Every little nook and cranny has a purpose and a reason, customized to create their awesome gourmet wood-fired pizzas.  We then move over to the working station where Yvonne lets us take a peek on the bacon jam, garlic cream white sauce and caramelized onions that she made from scratch.  She then hands us with bacon jam samples and OMG!  I would buy a jar of the thing if she was selling it as it is!  With the tour, I felt like a kid in a candy store, most probably with a face giddy with excitement that I saw what happens in the background.  When it comes to foods that I  love,  I am most transparent.

As Yvonne still has some prepping to do, we sauntered off another food truck that I can never manage to try over the summer.  For the three times that I have attended FoodTruckEats, I never had the chance to try Gorilla Cheese.  Like Bonfire Catering, the queues are always long and steady during the whole food event.  I finally get to try it today and we were first in line even!  Score!  I find it amusing that I can leisurely pace myself and sink my teeth into an awesome gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.    We found a free table at the middle of Yonge and Dundas square and I start snapping away.  I was particularly conscious of the chill in the morning air, wishing I could pull out my grilled cheese for this photo op but I wouldn’t want it to grow too cold before I got a taste.  I still kept it inside its wrappings to keep that warmth that is a must-have with any grilled cheese sandwiches. After a few snapshots, I eat.  It is just like as what I have read in reviews all summer.  Pure cheesy tomatoey goodness with crusty buttery bread!  Ishy, Mace and I were just oohing and aaahing with every bite!

I feel a pang of guilt, feeling like a glutton as I furtively look at Bonfire Catering’s truck.  Seeing they were handing pizzas to customers, I figured ours must be ready for pick up.  I first received a vegetarian pizza, slivered with garlic cream white sauce, caramelized onions and olives.  It’s quite funny what motivation can do to you, to work really fast capturing the moment as I know I would suffer through what I have done to my friends all year.  My sister always makes videos of her travel experiences for her own blog, gibberish, and I have to sit and wait for her to finish.  A few moments of torture and I finally got to dig in.  The balance of sweetness from the onions and the saltiness of the cheese and olives was absolutely wicked.  I normally have some meat on my pizza but I did not miss meat one bit.  We also got to try the pizza with the bacon jam.  It’s quite funny that my quasi-vegetarian lil sis was savoring her bacon jam pizza slice.  All week she has been here, I haven’t seen her touch anything with pork.  I was smirking as I reminded her that her pizza has bacon.  She simply replies, “it’s so good!” .  I couldn’t agree more.  Note to self, I should appeal to Yvonne to bottle her bacon jam concoction.  Pretty please? :D

Such a good day today was.  Thank you Yvonne for tweeting about this event.  Thank you for your good food and the gift of giving me a foodie moment with my lil sis.  It would be one that we would keep talking about for years :)

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