Jedd’s Frozen Custard

Posted on December 11, 2011


It’s that time of the year when seeing friends is top of my list. This Sunday I reserved for seeing my friends from Ryerson.  One of us lives at Yonge and Eglinton and for that reason, our choices for a brunch place was limited within that area.  Seeing most brunch places have mixed reviews, I select the one closest to my friend’s apartment at Yonge and Erskine.  The brunch place was too busy and hectic to sit for longer, so we opted to move to another place after eating.  Walking out in the street, we looked north and south, trying to decide which direction to go.  Yonge and Eglinton has no shortage of restaurants and cafés.  Our biggest dilemma was choosing and my friend solves it by selecting the café right across the street, Jedd’s Frozen Custard Patisserie Cafe.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect but the place stands out with its black façade and clean lines. Its simplicity appealed to me.

We walked in and I smiled at the atmosphere that greeted us.  Such was a stark contrast to the mom and pop diner that we were just in.  The tables in the front of the pie case were occupied with people, sitting relaxed and deep in conversation.  Another set of tables lined the front of the pastries and espresso bar, were customers sat with a cozy and unhurried temperament.  I loved the feel of the place, glass tiles on right wall and black chalk boards for cupboard doors that contrasted a pale glass-tiled backsplash.  My friend stopped by the display case of intricate pastries and one of the staff greeted us cordially asking us if we have ever tried frozen custard.  I haven’t heard of frozen custard before and gladly accepted a sampling spoon.  It was my kind of cold dessert treat – smooth, creamy and refined without being overly sweet.  Because of that, I decided to skip on the pastries and try the frozen custard instead.

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I walked deeper into the café and later was in-front of their frozen custard machine.  This foodie find was getting better and better.  To me, the quality exponentially goes up when an owner makes an effort to produce their own.  It is when you would see how passionate they are of their product and this would most often than not translate into an amazing foodie trip. Looking at their menu, Affogato catches my eye.  This is when they slosh a scoop of vanilla frozen custard with two shots of espresso.  Apparently, this is the cafe’s best seller.  In no time, the server delivered our Affogatos by our table and I could see the reason people come back for it.  The frozen custard further elevated the taste of the coffee, making it creamier without overpowering it with sweetness.

The frozen custard made such an impression on me that I immediately googled it when I came home to find that there is only one of its kind here in Toronto.  Good thing I live by the subway line.  Coming back for another round of frozen custard should not be a big problem ;)

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