Town Crier Pub

Posted on March 13, 2012


After days of being sick with flu last week, I just had to make the most of this past weekend.  I literally could not bear the thought of staying in and not going out Saturday night.  So I called up my friend Valerie and asked her if she wanted to have an impromptu beer/dinner with me.  When asked where to go, I told her about a place called The Town Crier Pub I have once been in for another friend’s birthday party.  At that time, I thought that the place was going to impress Valerie.  A place with a separate menu for beer alone should be a crowd pleaser to beer lovers.  With 50 beers on tap, I doubt Valerie would have any trouble choosing the perfect beer for the night.

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We walked in and it was just as I remembered it, impressive bar to your left lined with so much tap handles than what I can visually count and paneled walls to your right with upholstered banquet seats.  I scoured the menu and decided to go for hearty Belgian Beer Beef Stew.  With the cold brisk weather outside, the thought of having stew seem to really whet my appetite.  Valerie in turn, opted for Cordon Bleu.  As for the beer,  I have once been told by Valerie, Belgian beer was almost always a good choice.  I opted to try something new.  I thought I’d be adventurous and leave my comfort zone. I, most often than not, prefer pale ale over the darker kind.  It is to my assumption that the darker the beer go, the more bitter it taste.  I’ve always been quite deviant to anything bitter in taste.  Maybe it was my need to compensate for the lost time when I was sick.  I actually ordered a darker beer.  Still nothing like Guinness but surely a whole lot darker than my usual pale preference.

Happy to say, I actually enjoyed the experience.  Now I can add Belgium’s The Palm Beer to my short list!  I think my friend Valerie was clearly amused that I was patting myself at the back for moving out of my comfort zone.  You never know, maybe one day, I’d finally down one pint of Guinness!  The Belgian Beer Beef Stew was just as equally satisfying.  Tender and moist, I literally ate every morsel and dunked each fry into the stew.  After my meal, I was thankful again of being well.  Life’s little pleasures just sinks in after such a good meal.

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