Pasta Perfection – Permanently closed

Posted on March 31, 2012


We all have those days that where the clock seems to move so slow and things piled up and drove us up to exhaustion.  Thursday was that kind of day for me.  Half-way through the day, I was ready to go home and finish the day.  All that was wishful thinking as there were several things I needed to address before my work was done.  We finished up late and after an errand, I found myself at Yonge and College at about 8:30 pm.  Years ago, my best friend and I found one anomaly between rows of fast food franchises and take-out places.  Pasta Perfection stood out to us then as it offered freshly cooked pasta when it was ordered. I originally wanted to go to another restaurant I had my eye on for weeks but later changed my mind as I was not in the mood to wait nor have the patience for the loud vibe that I know the other place to be.  I then remembered about Pasta Perfection and hoped the place would be quieter and faster in service.

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I came in and I saw that the dinner rush was over.  A few people trickled in and I see that most locals orders to take home rather than to eat in.  I scan the menu on the wall and I chose seafood medley because of nostalgic reasons.  The staff that took my order was especially friendly and started a conversation taking note of how tired I looked like.  I impishly smiled and told him what would make my day was a good meal of comfort. I patiently waited and finally I get my plate of linguini swimming in tomato sauce, spinach, garlic and olive oil with plump, sweet shrimps, baby clams and mussels.  It was just as comforting like the first time I had it years ago.  Pasta was cooked al dente and there was a good balance of sweetness of tomatoes and fresh seafood.  I literally finished the serving to the last morsel and sighed, wishing that my bed was close and I could just drop on it and sleep after my meal.  Good thing this restaurant was right beside a subway station and it didn’t take too long for me to get home and finally finish my day. :)

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