Dutch Dreams

Posted on April 27, 2012


Last night my friend Diona and I were out on the east side of Toronto to see the  Iphoneography Exhibit Opening Reception.  One of the exhibitors in this Contact 2012 event was my food stylist/partner-in-crime, Abe Wornovitzky.  We spent most of the night mingling and perusing the idea or concept of each big print displayed in the show.  I almost always would dismiss any phone camera to not having the same quality as a DSLR but I do admit some of the images displayed boggled my mind how they could have managed to get it razor-sharp.  Big prints from a small camera, digital photography has really come a long way ever since I touched my first Canon 10D back in 2004.  Some of the prints were better than what I could get from my first digital camera :)

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As I brought Diona home, right up west of Bathurst and St. Clair, Diona told me to go north by Vaughan Rd.  As we turned the corner, she suddenly squealed in excitement and asked me to stop by the curb right across Dutch Dreams.  Upping the ante of her excitement, Diona even found me a parking space.  I was quite amused by her obvious giddiness. From the outside of the ice cream place, one could see that there was something innately unique about it.  Diona told me she was a regular patron of this place and to see it without its long queue was out-of-the-ordinary.  I am not really one that gets excited about ice cream but Diona’s excitement was infectious and I always loved spontaneity.  We entered the store and I got into a room of organized chaos.

The ice cream counter greeted us by the door.  Within the display cases were good choices of ice cream and frozen yogurts.  Lining the top counter were rows of designer waffle cones.  I always thought in-house made waffle cones were special but Dutch Dreams raised that idea by coating theirs with varieties of chocolate, candies and nuts.  I could just imagine my niece in this store with big wide eyes and her tongue licking her lip.  That was how I was feeling, like a kid on a candy store.  I could not help but do something really impulsive.  I ordered my ice cream, choosing maple and walnut, in a Butterfinger-coated waffle cone.

When the person behind the counter gave me my ice cream, I was in awe and a wave of guilt wafted over me.  The ice cream cone was huge!  Good thing I was there with Diona as it was difficult to capture an image of it while trying to balance a camera on another hand.  The maple walnut ice cream was absolutely creamy without being overly sweet.  Just the way I like my ice cream.  Diona ordered strawberry frozen yogurt and it was equally amazing.  Top with fresh fruit and whipped cream, that frozen yogurt would satisfy any sweet tooth that would cross its path.  Now I know where to go back for ice cream especially this coming summer :)

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