Beach Side Grill

Posted on June 3, 2012


Always on a lookout for things I can use for props, I scored a free antique half-door from Craigslist and the generous owner lived in Leslieville.  We arranged for me to swing by this Saturday morning and I thought I would use the opportunity to try out a brunch place by the Beaches.  East of Woodbine and Queen St. East are rows of restaurant and boutiques with a park leading to lake.   I am not often enough in this area. Might as well take the opportunity to look around once again and see what has changed since the last time I was there.  Before I left my sister called me and decided to tag along with me.  With her owning a Subaru liftback, it was even a better setup.  My door would fit nicely in her car.  So off we went south for the morning.

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After I picked up the door, we decided we were going to have brunch by the beach.  The plan was to get some food and have an impromptu picnic while doing the look-see.  Unfortunately, it was too windy and  too chilly lakeside so we decided to just stay within the Beaches neighborhood and loiter in and out the shops and hopefully find a good place to have some brunch.

After popping in and out several stores, we happened to pass by Beach Side Grill.  I did initially plan to get some brunch so seeing an all-day-breakfast was the perfect fit for what I am in the mood for.  When we entered the restaurant, an open kitchen occupied the front space, one line of tables filled the other side. Right at the back of the room, a mezzanine floor was more room for more tables.   The place was full which was a good sign.  Like my usual habit, as I wait to be seated, I tried to sneak a peek on what the tables were adorned with.  I saw plates of the usual egg/meat/sandwich combos and I find one really good-looking plate with an omelet with melted cheese and herbs on it.  That sight sure did whet my appetite.

Waiting with menus on our hands, we finally get a table in a matter of minutes.  I must say that the server who attended to us was upbeat and friendly.  He was quite attentive to all his tables and moved in a very fast and efficient pace.  Despite having a full restaurant, we were served our platters after a short wait. I was pleasantly surprised that I got three Egg Benjamins instead of the usual two.  I know having three eggs in one sitting was not good cholesterol-wise but these things a foodie can easily ignore.  My sister ordered for the Hungry Man platter and I was wondering if our server was seeing the irony of having someone so tiny order a platter so big.  My sister usually do and that splits her plate with her two kids.  But my niece Gabby was obviously hungry too, ordering a serving of potato leek soup and the kid’s hotdog platter.  Jeremy in turn was quite content with his grilled cheese.

Fully sated,  wiping off the last hollandaise off my plate with a toasted bread, I see that my little niece actually finished both the soup and her hotdog.  I really wonder how one so tiny could eat the same amount of food as I do.  My sister was struggling to finish her huge plate and Jeremy was half-way through his grilled cheese.  As I wait for my family to finish, I made a quick Google of Beach Side grill and I find that there were not too many reviews of the restaurant.  I find that strange as it seems really popular with the locals and the place was full two hours into the lunch service.  My sister points me to a wall of local articles about the restaurant and I learned that the restaurant has changed management two years ago.  While paying for the bill, our server tells us that they just recently put up the website and gotten into the social media bandwagon.  That would explain it I guess how this hidden gem can run its restaurant under Toronto’s foodies radar despite its good service and good food.

My sister plans to come back to the Beaches once the summer comes into its sweltering days.  Maybe on that time, we do a part two of this brunch.  There are lots to their menu I would want to try. :)

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