Phil’s Original BBQ

Posted on June 14, 2012


One of my guilty pleasures was to watch reruns of Restaurant Makeover at Food TV Network.  I don’t know what it is about the show, but I do enjoy watching the process of redesigning the interiors of a restaurant and the overhaul that happens with a restaurant menu.  One episode that made so much impression with me was when they revamped Phil’s Original BBQ.  What made it out of the unusual was that it was the first time that I watched an episode with Chef David Adjey not doing his usual revamp the menu spiel.  Much of the episode were concentrated on changing the interiors of the restaurant as Chef Adjey was too impressed with owner’s Phil Nyman’s BBQ menu to change it.  First time I saw the episode, I know I have to try it.  If Chef Adjey did not change anything, it must be THAT good.

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A few weeks ago, after visiting a client with food stylist Abraham Wornovitzky, I happened to see this particular restaurant on my way home as I was waiting for the light to change green at the intersection of College and Ossington.  Abe and I made an impromptu executive decision of stopping and trying it out.  It didn’t take much to convince him after I tell him about the story of Chef Adjey not being able to say anything bad about Phil Nyman’s BBQ.

As the restaurant just opened for dinner service when we walked in a 5pm, we had the luxury of selecting the table by the window.  Looking over the menu, I opted for the Beef Brisket Sandwich than my usual pulled pork as it was the one  that Chef Adjey was raving about at the show.  Abe threw in an order of the hush puppies, as he did his usual flair of picking up a lively conversation with the server.

Despite the quick service, the anticipation was a killer.  The first time I watched the episode was back in 2007 and this meal was 5 years in waiting.  Of course when the sandwich arrived, Abe and I photographed our food in a frenzy.  It took twice as long to do the photography when I dine with Abe. Both of us have to have our own turns taking pictures and styling for the other.  I pity the person who would join our party for a meal.  LOL.

When the quick and mad photo session was done, I finally got my chance to sink my teeth into my sandwich.  Just the aroma of the meat’s smokiness was enough to make anyone salivate.  The meat sandwiched in a s0ft bun was aptly moist and tender.  I could have probably slurped a bowl of that BBQ sauce if they would let me.

Another restaurant to cross off my list of must-try.  I must move it now to my list of comfort food places. :)

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Update This restaurant is closed in 2014