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Posted on July 25, 2012


I often get asked now of what were my favorite restaurants for a variety of food choices.  If you are in a dire need for a wallop of chocolate flavor,  I’d point you to the direction of Patachou.  For several years now, I go to this little restaurant by Summerhill station, lusting over their Chocolate Veloute.   I realized I haven’t gone back to this restaurant/café for a while.  Since I am almost always around this area every week for Eyecandyto business meetings, I thought  I’d move it to Patachou for that particular week. I don’t think my business partner,  Abraham Wornovitzky, would have any problems with that.  This little café has a good vibe of people coming and going, some staying for good cup of coffee and food and some just swinging by the pick up bread and pastries. I love the casual feel of the place and it has always been my chosen place for chocolate indulgence.

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Over planning for a shoot, we also went over the menu.  For my lunch pick, I opted for their toasted prosciutto panini while Abe went for Smoked Turkey breast sandwich.  On a normal day, I would have gushed over how satisfying the prosciutto panini was.   Very pleasant aroma coming from the perfect grill marks on the crusty bread with slivers of melted cheese could have pacified me and make me smile ear to ear.  I must confess I was most distracted by how fast I want to get to the dessert part of my meal.  It also doesn’t help that I was eating lunch with Abe.  My meal was twice as long when both of us were fussing over how to take an image and style the food.  Although that being said, it was twice the fun of having a second person see food the way I do. :)

Dessert thankfully came and Abe and I opted for a lemon tart to balance the sweet chocolate veloute.  After all the styling and photographing, I finally got my fork to a generous helping of the chocolate veloute.  It was just as I remember it, the cocoa dusting gives a satisfying velvety feel to the mouth.  The smooth mousse followed suit with a richness that makes you go mmmmmmmmm involuntarily.  I love it that it is not overly sweet.  It was absolute chocolate heaven.

I took a break from my chocolate perfection and took a taste of Abe’s lemon tart.  I loved the prominent lemon flavor and the sweet and tartness burst that danced in my mouth.  It was such pleasant taste that it made me lick the last vestiges of lemon flavor on my lips.  Although I must confess that if I were only get one dessert, I still go with my original love, Patachou’s chocolate veloute.  I am still way so much into this chocolate love affair.

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This restaurant is closing as the owners are retiring – 2014

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