Morning Glory

Posted on August 2, 2012


What any candy store to a photographer was a store like Vistek. Because of my plans to travel, I thought I’d give myself a treat and grab myself a better camera bag. Such was my disappointment when I discovered that what I was lusting for a few weeks was actually out of stock.  My shopping trip on a full halt, I decided I needed a pick me up and I thought good coffee would improve my mood.  Checking out, I discovered that just about a few meters away was a cute little nook called Morning Glory.

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As I walked by the street approaching the café, I was pleasantly amused by its aesthetic.  I loved the simplicity of the illustrations of a cup, a toast and an egg on the vibrant red-orange brick paint.  Warm and inviting on the outside, I had high expectations of what lies after I walk through the door.  As I walked in, what greeted me was the unmistakable aroma of bacon on the grill.  For a moment I contemplated on sitting down for a second breakfast.  I talked myself out of it and ordered a latte and a ginger molasses cookie instead.  Thinking I was about to meet my partner, I asked for two cookies to go.

As I waited for my latte, I ignored my stomach growling for bacon and started snapping away.  What caught my eye was the etchings that someone made on the kitchen’s exhaust.  See the wisdom in these following lines:

  • What would Aquaman say?
  • What is your sandwish?
  • Tact is for people who are not witty enough to be sarcastic.

Usually when I blog, I refrain from involving any of the staff.  This time I could not help myself but ask the cook if I can come closer to take a picture of the etchings.  The cook understood my amusement and told me that he wished he came up with those lines himself.

My latte finally done, I walked out the café sipping one really hot coffee.  The thickness of the froth was such a treat.  As I was driving to Abe’s, I broke a piece of the ginger molasses cookie.  What was just supposedly a taste was followed by another and another and by the time I reached Abe’s place, I contemplated in hiding the second cookie.  LOL.  I just know he would raise an eyebrow once he knows that did cross my mind.

Usually I don’t really get bent sideways by anything sweet but this ginger molasses cookie was addicting.  It was reminiscent of the cookie I tasted last year made by Parts and Labour pastry chef Tara Sachs.  She has shared her recipe in an issue of CityBites but I can never get around of stocking up my pantry with molasses.  I was quite happy I finally found a way to indulge in it without having to bake it.

The day has started out wrong but ended on a sweet note so to speak.  Life’s little pleasures always ends the day in a good note.

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