Petit Thuet

Posted on August 8, 2012


While dining in a restaurant by Queen St. West, I once wondered what was Thuet bread.  As I waited for my food, we did a quick search on what it was and found out all about Marc Thuet.  The man behind the chain of gourmet bakeries in Toronto, it was said to be one of the best in Toronto.  On a recent visit to Summerhill station with my EyecandyTO business partner, Abraham Wornovitzky,   Petit Thuet  was one of our definite stops.

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The day being one of the warmest this summer in Toronto, we were greeted with an open door and a big fan to help circulate the air.  I did an immediate scan of the bakery and wished I can shoot at that location one day.  Handsome antique shelving took up much of the wall behind the counter.  I looked longingly on the bread, resisting the impulse to buy a big beautiful loaf that sat on one of the shelves.  What I have room for that afternoon was macarons.

In all the reviews that I have seen during my google search, I saw that people were raving about Petit Thuet’s macarons.  Through the glass display case, we saw a row of macarons of different flavors.  Abe and I decided to go for four different flavors, agreeing to split all four between the two of us.  We went and ordered Salted Caramel, Rosewater, Lavender and Hazelnut macarons.  Seeing all the sugar I was setting myself for, I asked for a shot of espresso hoping that coffee bitterness is going  to balance me out.

All four macarons were all delicate with an exquisite texture as it melts in your mouth.  Of the four flavors I was best impressed the lavender one.  The elegance of it was how gentle the flavor danced on your palette at the same time the aroma heightened your senses.  It was an experience that was so memorable.  I don’t think I have something to compare to it just yet.

Experiences like this makes me want to discover more about what’s hidden in Toronto.  Find out more surprises that are just in my backyard, so to speak.  Find out that one food trippin’ would bring me to the next one.  And that next one would again leave me with a feeling of satisfaction just like Petit Thuet. :)

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