Messini’s Authentic Gyros

Posted on September 4, 2012


It was my first day back teaching and I have to drag myself out of bed (Yes! I am still in denial that my vacation is over!).   It didn’t help that I woke up to a gray rainy day.  After basking in a weather with clear blue skies for the past month, this day seemed dreary as the rain dragged on for the rest of the day.  I skipped lunch break as it was pouring cats and dogs, telling myself I’d hastily grab myself something before I meet up with my EyeCandyTO partner,  Abraham Wornovitzky.   Multi-tasker that I am, before my class finished, I already imagined the route I’d be taking and the places I’d pass through heading downtown.  Then I remembered Messini’s.  Countless times I have seen people rave about this place at the Danforth, Toronto’s Greektown.  The sheer number of votes at Urbanspoon was awesome in itself, rated the Toronto’s #6th restaurant.  Best part about it was its price.  Cheap good eats were always welcome in my book.

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When I asked the cashier which gyro she would recommend, she told me one of their most popular was their pork gyros.  Conscious that I made this side trip without telling Abe, I ordered my gyros to-go. Not even 5 minutes after I paid I got my gyros wrap.  I didn’t even have enough time to snap images of the restaurant interiors nor the open kitchen and my food was ready.  Like seriously WOW!  I should not be complaining about fast service of cheap good eats.  I stayed a little bit longer, taking a few more snaps of the open kitchen where 4 stakes were going round and round a heated plate.  This place was a well-oiled machine.  This was probably why it was so popular.  I do a hurried visual check of what’s around me and there were tables in the back for diners.  Maybe I should come back when not in a hurry the next time I come to Messini’s.   I think I would want to try other things in their big menu.

Running through the rain, I sat back on the driver seat with closed windows and the aroma of what’s inside my brown bag filled my car.  Here I go again with self-torture as I hurriedly take pictures.  It was a little bit tougher this time around as it was almost 3pm and this gyro was my lunch. As I peeled the wrap, I was surprised of the french fries that were wrapped together with the meat.  I have forgotten of this little detail from the reviews I have once read.  I held off eating as much as I could for pictures and when that was done, I took one big bite.  I must say this was the best gyro I have tasted and for some reason the fries that were in it added so much to my pleasure.   My hunger took over and I ate half of it so quickly I felt so full.  It was one big portion I should say.

Finally I got to try Messini’s Authentic Gyros.  I would go as far as adding this to my favorites.  I would surely try to find a faster way to get here so my partner, Abe, would not mind that I’d be a little bit later than our usual meeting time.  It was definitely worth the side trip to the Danforth before I head to work :)

Messini Authentic Gyros on Urbanspoon