Theatre Passe Muraille’s Queen Street West Fest

Posted on September 20, 2012


One of the things I enjoy about Toronto was its endless list of food events.  Last weekend, my friend Diona Joyce of Kanto told me about Theatre Passe Muraille’s Queen Street West Fest.  Right between Ryerson and Carr on Queen St. West, the place was at full swing when I arrived.  Indie music played in the background and a human statue stood right at the intersection of Queen St. West and Ryerson.  It didn’t take me too long to find Diona as the vendors of Market 707 were at the same intersection.  I checked out what she was selling and I saw that it was Sisig Fries.  Woohooo!  I can’t get enough of that stuff. :)

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I spent some time with Diona to help out with prepping and styling her food display.  While I was there, I realized that the newer vendors of Market 707 were in attendance too.  Gushi, keeping true to its Japanese meaning, sold karaage and teriyaki chicken on skewers.  To taste freshly deep-fried karaage was such a treat.  It was so still so moist and warm to touch.  Just the way I would enjoy a good piece of chicken.  There was also my guilty pleasure, osam from Kim’s A La Cart.  I am not sure what was one little treat that Diona made me taste from Kim’s A La Cart.  It was something wrapped in green veggie and deep-fried and it was so addicting.  To pacify my thirst, Diona got me a cold orange drink from House of Jaffle.  Mark was trying to get me interested to try out a chocolate crêpe but I was too full from the snacking that I was doing with Diona.  And if I could find any more space, I would probably go for the candied bacon that he was selling, displayed in jars in House of Jaffle’s booth (I love bacon!).

In-between tending to foodies and staring at the dark clouds with the threat of rain, three women in stilts from Theatre Passe Musaille started gawking at the food booths.  I don’t know why I didn’t stand up to take better pictures but I was perfectly content on taking it easy and seeing them from the perspective where I was, from the inside looking out.  I then finally stood up and went and visited the other booths.  For some while, I experienced that feeling once again.  Wishful thinking of how would it be possible for me to taste all of what Market 707 was all about.  There was still so many variety of cuisine in these food stall that I am still yet to try. There was The Snap Pea, Market 707’s vegan choice and Ceviche 707 with a fresh ceviche and empanada display.  If you haven’t been there yet, it would be good to come by Bathurst and Dundas southeast corner with an empty stomach.  If you don’t come in that state, you would just be as regretful as I am not being able to try everything.  Good thing they would be there all-year round.  I can take my time enjoying each one.

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