Annual Pumpkin Carving 2012

Posted on October 20, 2012


It doesn’t feel like it has been a year since the time that I have posted what happened during our pumpkin carving party last year. Just I have mentioned then, this year is our 10th year of doing this tradition, where we invite family and friends to carve pumpkins together.  This weekend we were at it once again.

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As we have started the afternoon of the pumpkin carving, I was struck at the idea that the kids took over the carving and the parents were more inclined to do the waiting.  Back then it was the reverse.  Time indeed flies when you are having fun.

Just like the past years too, I have the pleasure of having my birthday coincide with this get-together.  It was amusing as we were discussing how many candles to put on the cake.  I don’t feel any older at all.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow that I am posting of our pumpkin carving today.  Advance Happy Halloween to one and all.  May you be filled with sweetness all-year round! :)