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Posted on November 12, 2012


The thing about being a teacher in the morning and being a photographer in the afternoon, it was almost always a guarantee that it was the reason that you skip lunch.  That was what has happened today once again.  It was past 5:00 pm and I am yet to eat lunch.  I did plan my day and I anticipated these hunger pangs.  I knew I was at the east end today and I scouted the area for food trips.  What caught my attention was Slider Revolution at the Danforth.  What good way to try multiple items on a menu if sandwiches come in smaller versions and a reasonable price.  Checking out their menu, I see 14 good possibilities and their combo menu lets you pick 2 sliders to pair with their sides.  I loved the fact that I can make my combo that would satisfy my particular craving for the moment I am there.  That alone was a comfort.

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Famished and a little drenched with the rain, my EyeCandyTO partner, Abraham Wornovitzky and I walked into Slider Revolution.  An open kitchen predominantly positioned to the right, rows of tables flanked the left and food orders were taken off the till.  As I was reading the menu, I engaged the person behind the counter for recommendations and through the conversation I have gathered that he was the owner, Rich Lee.  The warmth and the enthusiasm when he did the drill of acquainting us with his menu was very good as I was getting hungrier and hungrier with each description.  Good thing that I am so used to these hunger pangs of missing lunch. I did not really want to cut off the conversation as it was entertaining to talk nonstop about food with an equally passionate foodie.  Add to that my need to immortalize the food I eat for my blog, I was surprised I didn’t keel over from hunger.

My choice for my combo was a Mu Shu  (pulled pork with hoisin sauce, topped with asian slaw and wonton crisps) and Spicy Jerk  (pulled chicken topped with mango slaw and honey sriracha sauce) with a side of in-house five spice sweet potato chips.  Abe opted for the same Spicy Jerk and Turkey Meatball (stuffed with asiago,  topped with mixed greens and roasted garlic aioli) and in-house made Herbed Yukon Gold Potato Chips.  When all the fussing of food photography was done, I finally got my chance to eat and I must say, that Mu Shu Slider hit the right spot.  Perfectly marinated and tender meat sang another pitch with me with the crunch of the wonton crisps.  It was the extra texture that set it apart this pulled pork sandwich to others I have tried in other places. I sat there wondering how come no one has thought of it before.  As I was finishing my Mu Shu slider, I was watching Abe play with the stringy cheese from his Turkey Meatball slider.  I felt a pang of envy and at the same instant muting it down, guilt tripping myself that gluttony was a sin.  LOL.   Next, Abe and I ate the our own Spicy Jerk sliders at the same time.  While I was quite happy about the notes of heat coming from the sriracha,  Abe who often go suicide on heat was missing it.  Both of us agreed that the harmony of the sweet from the mango slaw and the flavor of the herbs was very well executed.  To finish the Spicy Jerk slider was harder for me though as I was getting too full from finishing the Mu Shu one and feeding myself chip after chip. Not to mention that we were given samples of the different slaws to taste (the Kimchi Slaw rocks!).   And to think I initially wished that the combo was three sliders instead of two.  Good thing I don’t always get everything that I wish for.  LOL.

Thank you Rich for the comforting food that is Slider Revolution.  I would definitely keep you in my radar for a round two when I go Toronto East. :)

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Update:  Slider Revolution is closed early 2014

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