Bakerbots Baking

Posted on November 26, 2012


Of all the shoots that I have done for CityBites, I was most happiest of the image I have created shooting for their article on Bakerbots Baking.  It was a delectable cake sitting prettily on display, instantaneously making anyone crave for a slice of it.   That day I ended up not asking for that cake but I went for a red velvet cupcake instead.  I still wondered about that cake and last Friday I was able to go back.  Now, I don’t really trust myself to ordered that fabled cake.  There was way too much distractions in this bakery it was hard to remember what I came for.  LOL.

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Having dinner with Valerie that night, our original intent was to find something sweet and a good cup of coffee after having a good dinner at of fried fish at La Bella Managua.  Being in the Ossington area, I remembered this little bakery right beside the entrance of the Ossington subway station by Delaware St. that was Bakerbots Baking.    It wasn’t too far to walk and we were lucky that the lone table was available for the taking.  I quickly scanned what were on the display and I saw the cake that still haunted my sweet tooth.  But just for being thorough, I did not stop there.  I kept on searching as if something was beckoning me to look further.  My eyes stopped at the lone butter tart left on display.  I impulsively asked for the butter tart.  And then I remembered that they only take cash for payment.  Good thing Valerie still had some cash with her.  It would be prudent for you to bring cash if you wish to try this bakery.  I don’t want to break hearts with disappointment if you go there and leave empty handed.

After my usual fussing and photography, I finally bit into the tart and I was surprised at the texture of the filling as it was light and not overly sweet.  I loved the restraint where you can taste more of the buttery goodness rather than get swamped with sweetness.  The crust was crumbly and it was actually starting to be a mess eating it by hand.  I should have asked for a fork as I think this was meant to be daintily devoured.  As there was less than half left, I opted to just lick my fingers.  Not the most appropriate when you talk about decorum but well I was in a company of a friend where anything goes.  Picture me with a bashful unapologetic grin with the last bite.  It was a sweet treat and I planned on enjoying every morsel.

I am still yet to get a slice of that cake.  But well, with the constant stream of customers coming and going through Bakerbots, I am assured they would be there to stay.  Many chances left.  No need to hurry.

Postscript:  They are best known for their ice cream sandwiched by in-house baked cookies.  That is also on my list of must-trys.  :)

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