Johnny Jackson – Permanently closed

Posted on December 28, 2012


Ever since I saw this Johnny Jackson feature from TheGridTO, I have planned and schemed to swing by this late night joint. I thought it was a novel idea for a late night snack back to keep it simple by creating boxed comfort foods. Taking away the difficulty of a balancing act of holding on to doggie bags when one’s hungover was a stroke of genius. Pricing each box at $10 each was like icing on the cake. The only problem was that I don’t really go out drinking as much as I used to. Despite that, I still wanted to try the food. Only way to be there was to swing by on a Thursday, Friday or a Saturday as this was only the days when Johnny Jackson was open. So when my friend Jojo called for an impromptu dinner on a Friday, I knew where to bring him.

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We walked in the bar when they just opened as 6pm. It was devoid of the crowd that was said to fill the place to brim close to midnight. I had the leisure of doing my photography without dodging people and have a good conversation with my friends Jojo and Bruce as we waited for our food. I must say, I half-regretted not coming on a prime hour as it must be interesting to see the vibe of Johnny Jackson when people packed it up to the hilt. I waited for Jojo and Bruce to order first as I wanted something different from what they wanted. From the looks of the boxes on that image, I say that Johnny Jackson’s was quite generous. Hearing Jojo opting for The Jake N’Elmwood (Pulled Pork with Mashed Potatoes) and Bruce chose the The Spicoli (Veggie Burger and Fries), I went for what intrigued me the most of their 10 custom boxed offerings: The JLK (Spicy Mac and Cheese with bacon and Garlic toasts).

When the food arrived, I made my rounds of picture-taking.  I was sure happy that I was with two friends as I get to try their food too.  Before I could even get to my own food, I already stole a fry from Bruce and a forkful of pulled pork from Jojo.  Don’t I work fast eh?  My own Mac&Cheese was not your microwave kind as it finished with a kick of heat towards the end.  It was a good swish of heat without burning,  just the way I like it.   Towards the end of the meal, I was consistently picking up the small bits from Bruce’s fries.  I loved it that it was crunchy and moist at the same time.

So now I can tick off this place from my very long list of must-try.  If you ever find yourself a need for sustenance of a late-night-weekend, this place would surely pacify. :)

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