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Posted on January 18, 2013


The first time I attempted to try The White Brick Kitchen, I had no hope of getting near it.  I didn’t know it was the same day as the annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade.  Bloor was shut down to give way for the event and I was stuck going round and round to get myself out of the area.  Today I came back and I was very well rewarded for trying again.  You could say, today I found myself in fried chicken heaven.

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After my class, I met up with my friend Helen for a late lunch.  When I went through the menu the first time, I was half-torn whether to go with a brunch that was sweet or savory.  I must say my interest was peaked with their Banana Bread French Toast or their Buttermilk Half Fried Chicken.  I found out for today, I would enjoy a marriage of the two.  Fridays were Chicken and Waffles day.   I cannot stress how good my timing was today.

Walking in with Helen close to 4pm, the restaurant was deserted.  I actually enjoy the sense of solitude.  Would I still have reason to complain when I am with a very good friend and about to have a very well reviewed fried chicken?  I think not.  That would just be utterly the way of a spoiled brat.

Both Helen and I opted for the Chicken and Waffles and were both surprised at the amount of food that was plated before us.  I must admit four pieces of really piping hot chicken with four quarters of waffles was overwhelming to see.  I went and tasted the smallest part of the dish which was the coleslaw and was impressed at its flavor.  I actually finished this salad.  Most of the time, coleslaw was something I leave on my plate but this time, I actually finished the whole serving. I also dipped my fork into the red pepper jelly.  It had the right amount of zing, sweetness and tartness that I know would go well with a good fried chicken.

Finally I stopped procrastinating and sliced off a piece from the chicken breast on my plate.  I ate it on its own and was floored how moist and well-seasoned it was despite being the white meat cut.  I must confess I always choose dark meat slices when eating fried chicken as I find most fried chicken too dry when it’s white meat.  This fried chicken was definitely a league of its own.  Together with the red pepper jelly, it was stellar!  I would definitely come back for this fried chicken again.  As for the waffle, it was interesting to note that it was a corn bread waffle made savory with green onion thrown into the batter.  I thought I would be given a sweetish kind and I was glad that the sweetness was really toned down and it complimented the fried chicken beautifully.

Both Helen and I attempted to finish the plate but it was virtually impossible.  It was too much to consume in one sitting.  Picture me whining when we were done for Helen to pick me up and lift me out of the restaurant.  LOL.  It was so satisfying that I want to snooze next.  We were wiser though as we walked off the meal around The Annex despite the bitter cold outside.   It was totally called for when I clearly overate.

Definitely go to The White Brick Kitchen if you are a fried chicken fan.  Only then you would understand the elation I felt when I was there. :)

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