Rose and Sons

Posted on January 23, 2013


Following @Foodie411 a.k.a. Joel Solish on Twitter and Facebook can give you hunger pangs. Since last month, I have planned going to Rose and Sons as I watched Joel post picture after picture of what he was enjoying at this little joint up at Dupont and Davenport.  I finally made it today, deciding to go after teaching my class to have a late lunch meeting with Abe. It was very late for lunch (was 2:40pm) when I walked in that I was worried that they would close the kitchen.  Thank God the place accommodated latecomers like me as I can never be earlier than the time I went in today on a weekday.

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Reading the earlier reviews of Rose and Sons, I was wrestling with the idea of what to order.  Last night I decided to take on 3-eggs, schmaltz hash, toast, bacon platter (superduperlatebrunch?) as the idea of a breakfast platter always gets me on board.  That did not happen today though as what greeted me when I came in the restaurant was a burger patty melt sitting on the shelf bordering the kitchen, waiting for pick-up.  The words beautiful and want!want!want! was flashing through my head as I walked by as I headed to the table where Abe was sitting.  Suffice to say, my firm decision of last night just melted away and got trumped by the burger patty melt.  As I sat down, I asked Abe whether he has already found what he wanted.   Showing me the menu, Abe pointed to his choice of Griddled Brie CornBread Brisket.  I wanted to change my mind again!  The good thing about dining with Abe was that I always have a big chunk off his plate if I wanted to.  Mentally pouting like a spoiled brat, I went ahead and ordered the Burger Patty Melt.  We decided to add french fries with gravy as I have read repeatedly that the gravy was definitely a must-try.

As we waited, I looked around the small restaurant.  Despite so late, it was still more than half-full.  It was a sure sign of how this place was surely carving its way to become a neighborhood favorite.  I find the restaurant  having a relaxed character, tolerant of long slow meals and patrons taking time to savor their food.   Floating shelves adorned with books and wine added to the charm and the smells coming from the open kitchen makes you even hungrier.   It was good to see how the owner Anthony Rose spent time to have a conversation with patrons at a nearby table and our server, Sue, was very helpful and vibrant as if receiving a friend she has long known.

The service was quick and our plates arrived all at the same time.  I first saw land on the table, a pile of fries generously coated with the fabled gravy.  Despite my first want of stealing a fry to try, I restrained myself  from doing so.  I know Abe would swat my hand as pictures always have to come first or maybe he would help himself to it and then I would have no pictures at all.  Now that I think about it, I am not sure now what Abe would have done.  LOL.  Next came was Abe’s Griddled Brie CornBread Brisket and I mentally was having a tantrum in my head that I should have ordered that plate.  As Sue placed my burger patty melt in front of me, my tantrum dissipated as just like the one I saw on the shelf when I walked in, the burger was visually stunning.  It was pretty apparent that the rye bread was crisp just as what I would want on a grilled cheese and the burger was medium well.  As we were obviously taking way too many pictures than what my blog needed (again!), owner Anthony Rose approached us and offered to take a picture of Abe and me.  I wanted to disappear in my seat in embarrassment.  So much for invisibility.  LOL.  I must admit I do get oblivious with the people around me when I see photogenic food.  Food has that effect on me. :D

Finally done with the shooting-spree, we dig in and I see Abe without effort sliced through his brisket.  Ahhhhhh!  I wanted a full plate of that brisket.  So I smiled and generously traded one-half of my burger patty melt with a good chunk of his brisket.  Best of both worlds.  Tantrum addressed.  LOL.  As that issue was resolved, Abe then asked me, “Which should be my last bite?”.  The last bite should always be the best one but seriously, I cannot decide which one was better.  Problems of a foodie, although really baffling, was still something I enjoy.  I have bigger problems than Abe as I was also throwing in the french fries with gravy on that last bite issue.  He had two options, I had three.  Potato lover me, I chose a fry with a good dollop of that gravy.  It was THAT good!

Finishing the meal, I really wanted something sweet.  I was worried about my street parking so we decided to leave.  Sue swayed us not to leave without trying the pudding with wild blueberries.  Walking back and forth at -25 C was not really fun but I have seen pictures of that sweet dish.  Against my better judgement, Abe and I gave in and ordered a plate to split.  I sprinted to my car, adding more money for parking, came back frozen once again but it was totally worth it.  I loved the crust of the bread pudding and the restrained sweetness of the blueberries.  After that last crusty bite, I sat fully satisfied and was glad that I came.

Thank you Joel for the countless pictures you shared of Rose and Sons.  Because of those images, I am now a big fan.  Abe and I would definitely come back.  There is still that 3-eggs, schmaltz hash, toast, bacon platter I have to try!  :D
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