Saving Grace

Posted on February 3, 2013


This weekend, I find myself with some free days.  I thought I would begin spending this free time with a good brunch.  My friend, Diona a.k.a. TitaFlips, once talked about a bustling place at Dundas, near Ossington.  Each day as she passed by to go and from work, Saving Grace, was filled with people.  I thought my weekend with a brunch at this place would be a good start.

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Taking my time through snow squalls through downtown Toronto, I almost missed the restaurant.  It was clearly understated from the outside.  What would only be telling was that its doors nonstop opening and closing with a constant stream of patrons looking for a good start of the day.  As we headed in, we found several empty tables and the server (I later learned named Stephanie) told us we could choose where to sit.  Naturally I opted for the table by the window.  Good lighting was needed to make sure I can capture well-exposed images.

Settling down, we went through the menu and what was on the specials written on a board on the wall.  As Diona was looking for something new, she ventured for Rajastani Eggs with red onion and tomato chickpea masala and spicy paratha.  I, in turn, went for French Toast with Caramelized Bananas with a side of bacon.  As we were waiting for our food, Stephanie kept our coffee cups filled.  I must confess I had more than my share as the coffee was smooth and gave a comforting warmth to my hungry belly.  The quick and attentive service definitely added to the ambiance of Saving Grace.

It didn’t take long when the food arrived.  I was sure impressed at the eclectic plating of the food we have ordered.  No two plates were the same.  The choice of plates really enhanced the appearance of the dish as it made the food more vibrant and more appetizing to the eyes.  I didn’t take too long taking pictures as I was really hungry.  My french toast came with a generous dollop of  bananas.  The french toast was not soggy nor heavy.  It was appropriately crunchy on its sides and the sweetness from the ripe caramelized bananas was enough to pair with the french toast.  Seriously, I didn’t need the added maple syrup that accompanied the plate. I was glad though to include a side of bacon as I always need that salt to balance the sweetness of the dish.

Diona’s Rajastani Eggs was the surprise.  I would have not imagine having chickpea masala and paratha as a morning dish but it made so much sense together with the scrambled eggs.  The spicy heat that the chickpea masala in accompaniment to the creamy eggs was a very good vegetarian option in the menu.  I don’t think I’d mind the absence of any meat if I were having that meal.

I surely would want to come back to this place once again.  Good food, eclectic ambiance and good service, what else could a foodie need to start a day?  I think next time I would come back, I would try to discover what that beautiful sandwich was at the table right beside us.  That should be a motivation for me to come back soon. :)

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