Posted on June 1, 2013


Growing up, fried fresh fish just plainly seasoned with sea salt was almost my main daily fare. Fish being cheap back home, it made sense to always have it as I have a relatively big family. Coming to Canada, I lost that luxury. Fresh fish here was hard to come by unless you were willing to spend good money on a restaurant dish where the kitchen made sure of its freshness and quality. Last week, I found a place that cooked the fish in all its simple glory – just oil, salt and a prolly a swig of lemon was at the centre of my plate. Last week I went and enjoyed the fish of the day select at Amadeu’s.

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Amadeu’s was not even in my radar as a restaurant to blog about. I came by this Portuguese restaurant because of my friend Valerie. We just agreed to meet up at Kensington market and we decided that we would choose a restaurant that caught our eye. Amadeu’s, I later found out, was more popular for its expansive patio. Right in the heart of Kengsington market, it was such a good spot for people watching, locals and tourists alike. With Kensington’s eclectic air, I know I could easily spend an hour or two nursing a pint of beer just watching people pass by.

That day though, we went looking to be in the dining room. There was a chill in the air and I stubbornly did not wear a thick jacket. Since we came earlier than the dinner crowd, we were able to select the table by the window. There were just several patrons then and that made the service really fast. The menu have a long selection for fish. From the description on each dish, I saw that they cook fish the old school way. Both Valerie and I chose the Fish of the day, which was white fish fried in oil, salt and lemon, with a side of beans and potatoes. Just thinking about it made me hungry.

A few minutes after taking our orders, we were given a bread basket with briny mashed chickpeas  to tide us over. Our server came back a few minutes later and gave us a complimentary appetizer dish. On the dish was deep-fried fish patties with several slices of garlic bread. Slicing through one after I had taken a picture, the warmth and the crisp was rather addicting. It was reminiscent of the fish omelet I enjoyed as a kid. It was what we usually do for the leftover fish when I was a kid.

When the main dish arrived, its plating was visually impressive. To use the bones as a garnish was a pleasure for a foodie like me. Dipping the ends on paprika and frying it once again, it was sure an interesting feature on the plate. As I was taking the pictures, the aroma was sure beckoning me to stop and start digging in. The first bite was sure satisfying. Its simplicity was its strength. The good quality fresh fish was hard to miss.

Finishing literally every morsel on my plate, I jokingly told our server that I didn’t like it. It was also a plus that our server was very attentive and was friendly. He asked us if we wanted desserts but after finishing the appetizer and the main dish, to consume dessert was virtually impossible.

I was sure glad that Valerie and I chose a good spot. This gave me another reason to love Kengsinton market. That day I found a gem that gave me the gift of reminding me of the joys of a childhood memory.
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