@MoRoCoChocolat Purple Party

Posted on June 13, 2013


I have once talked about my love for chocolates in this blog.  Despite having this addiction for gourmet chocolates, I haven’t been blogging much about it here in Toronto because I almost always find it too sweet compared to what I enjoyed in Switzerland.  That Switzerland trip set the bar too high as I am always looking for that taste, texture and luxury that was so vivid in my mind.  I still keep an open mind, trying here and there, looking for that same taste, that same texture, that same pleasure.  When I received the invitation from MoRoCo Chocolat to come to the #BlondChocolate launch party, I looked forward to it.  I normally opt for the darkest, most bitter one I can find.  But lately, I have been addicted to white chocolate too, loving that milky treat.  The party was actually in conflict with a family event so I just snuck out to attend it.  I was hoping that I could taste and finish quick and then later pacify my family for my foodie disappearing act.

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Apparently MoRoCo Chocolat was more than just a chocoholic’s shop.  It was a chocolate boutique that caters different renditions of chocolate, confections, coffee and a bar for a luxurious lounge. It also has a full-service restaurant crew for brunch, lunch and dinner.  I was the first to arrive the boutique as I thought the media affair started at 7pm.  Ten minutes too early, I was glad they still let me in.  I almost decided to leave for a few minutes but it occurred to me that it might be the best time to go around the lounge and take images to my heart’s content.

Tucked away from the Yorkville sidewalk, its posh white patio gave some degree of privacy from passers-by.  Walking in the boutique, I saw with a display case of the wide expanse of eclectic chocolate truffles and delicate macarons.  On a shelf at the back of the counter sat three sipping chocolate varieties (dark, milk and blond).  I then met the hostess of the night, Shauna Ireland, garbed in a violet smock with long straight Hollywood-glammed blond hair.  Very much accommodating, she explained that there would be delectable treats for us to try for the night.  She then led me towards the restaurant area and the first words that came to mind upon seeing the space were romantic, flirtatious, seductive and refined.  With a mix of intricately framed mirrors, black tables, white fixtures, high-wing-backed chairs and tufted velvet banquets, how can your train of thought be different from mine?  Right in the middle of the space was a display of different desserts on their menu.  It was a food photographer’s playground.  I definitely spent a lot of time snapping away pictures of the display as I was the lone person with a camera for that moment.

Shauna came back for me afterwards and offered for me to try a Blond Sipping chocolate.  I tentatively tasted it, half-expecting to taste concentrated and rich sweetness.  What I sampled has a velvety texture,  caramel notes and a clear restraint to its sweetness.  Certainly a +1 with me.  As there were other guests arriving, I again sauntered off taking more pictures of the display.  Another crew came by me and invited me to try something from the bar.  I thought of ordering my usual favorite gin & tonic but thought the bar might have a signature drink.  Asking the bartender what was the bar’s signature drink, she told me that one of their best sellers was a Smores Martini.  As she was mixing it, she explained that she would be mixing the 66% dark sipping chocolate into Vanilla Vodka, Marshmallow Vodka, Drambuie, cream and honey.  Then she started rimming a martini glass with melted marshmallow and flipped the glass onto a platter of crushed graham cracker.  Dispensing the mixed martini onto the glass, she adorned it with a toasted marshmallow.  It looked like a seemingly harmless milk shake on a martini glass.  It was surprising though that despite all those seemingly rich components to the cocktail, it tasted light and refreshing.  It would also be good to note the cocktail’s restraint to sweetness. What I only intended to taste, I actually finished.  It was THAT good.  If I was not driving, I probably would have considered to ask a second one.

Pressed for time, I only tasted one more treat before I left for my family’s event.  This time it was MoRoCo Chocolat’s Blond Babe, a white chocolate truffle with caramel biscuit crunch.  I appreciated that the biscuit crunch added a texture to the decadent treat.  It cut through the richnesss and gave that added pleasurable sensation on the finish.  Even with just this tiny thing, it would pacify the need for sweet after a good meal.  I must say on this third dainty delight, I was feeling guilty of the decadence of the moment.  I  just know once I go to my family gathering, I would be eating some more.  LOL.  Problems of a foodie.  Sometimes restraint is a must to enjoy more.

Thank you Shauna and Lindsay for inviting me for the Blond Chocolate Launch of MoRoCo Chocolat.   What you have going would surely pacify anyone’s sweet tooth.  I now wonder about your dark chocolate truffles.  I should have purchased some to taste when I was there. You sure do have this chocoholic’s interest piqued.   I would definitely be back to sample some of your dark chocolate soon!
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