The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop

Posted on July 10, 2013


From Toronto Life, one new spot caught my eye because of its innovative branding.  Something about its graphic sensibilities drew me in and made me start reading the Introduction article of The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop in Toronto Life.  Must have been that their branding was red and white too, similar to mine.  As I read on, I found out that their menu seemed to be very well curated.  Five sandwiches and some sides, I stood there wondering what was their signature sandwich.  I like it though that they have their own twists to conventional sandwiches.  Originality and beautifully executed sandwiches was always appreciated by this foodie.

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Just like their minimalist logo, the restaurant interiors ran by the same temperament.  Each fixture had a purpose, the design was leaning on communal way of eating.  Right in the center of the restaurant was a long table with chairs of blue and yellow. As I was checking out the menu, I was torn up once again.  I normally choose the pork option but the deep-fried avocado snippet in the smoked chicken sandwich got me curious.  To get you to visualize the chicken sandwich that made me give up my usual pork choice, it came with pickled chili mop sauce, chicken and pork cracklin, chimi churrie and fried avocado.  I chose that over the marinated grilled pork chop that was topped with pork cracklin, garlic aioli and caramelized onions.  I decided that I just had to try the other sandwich on another visit.  I was too curious of the fried avocado.  My EyeCandyTO partner, Abe Wornovitzky, opted for the Beer Battered Fried Fish.  It came loaded with battered fresh fish, tartar sauce, smoky mayo, lettuce and tomatoes.  Both of us chose hand-cut fries on the side.

We ate on site and we enjoyed both sandwiches hot and toasty.  My smoked chicken sandwich was one-of a kind.  It was so filling and satisfying as there was harmony to all the ingredients in the sandwich.  I especially enjoyed the velvety feel of the avocado once I got past its crunchy texture.  I got to steal a bite from Abe’s fish sandwich and although it was just as good, I still vote for my smoked chicken sandwich as a runaway winner, both in originality and taste.  I wished they served those fried avocado bits as a side option.  It was such an addicting treat.

If you find yourself on Spadina and College, just walk a little bit north on the east side.  Pop in and try the sandwiches of The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop.  I am sure you would find a sandwich that would also give you the same satisfaction as what I got after finishing mine.

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