Posted on July 25, 2013


I have a bad case of jetlag this time around. For the last few days, I have been unable to catch a wink no matter I was lying for hours on bed. Last Sunday, I forced myself to be awake all day and to tire myself out.  My mind was set to head out and I had one particular destination in mind.  I thought being in a food festival would get me awake enough and later would hopefully get me tired from all the standing around. That night, I went to T&T Nightmarket. My friend Diona, has a Kanto booth for the three days of the festival and it would sure be good to see her again.

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Arriving the really busy scene of foodies feasting on Asian fare, it gave me a momentary remembrance of Singapore. After days and days of indulging in hawker food, I felt I was transported back in SG. That was what was good about this festival. It really embraces Asian’s love for street food. From grilled lobsters, octopus, snails and clams, to a variety of meat skewers and the ever so popular stinky tofu (I still don’t get how people can get past its smell), the festival was as lively as I remembered from last year. New spins for this year were the grilled snails and clams and the tornado tempura shrimp. It was good I was with Diona to split the tornado tempura shrimp as each one was too big! At any food festival, I really only want to do tastings. Big servings would make you feel too full to try anything else. So it was always a good thing to be with a friend. That night we also tried BBQ pork skewers, chicken karaage, chicken nuggets, soft shell crab and halo-halo.

On my way home, I still felt so awake. Ah well, I did try to wear myself out. I guess I just have to see my jetlag through some other way. What was good though was that I was not going to be craving anything through the night. I was more than full after T&T Nightmarket.