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Posted on August 5, 2013


Popular TUM alum Rock Lobster have been a massive success to Toronto foodies for such a long time now.  Every TUM I have been into, their hawker booth has one of the longest queues.  I took my time lining up at their restaurant they opened at Ossington, thinking that over time, the waiting time for a table would become shorter. That hasn’t happened yet. If anything, the crowd just grew bigger that they have opened a second place at Queen St West and now have lunch hour. Lunching out has been my way to cut through the long queues. And this was how I got to check out Rock Lobster once again.

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Checking out the writeups I found out that Rock Lobster Queen St West have a bigger menu and the one that caught my eye was the corn dogs with siracha mayo and maple mustard. I know, I know. I should have indulged in more seafood. Having just come back from Singapore and having a good share of it, I don’t feel deprived of seafood just yet. There’s a variety of menu items now for people who are not too keen of seafood. This should widen Rock Lobster’s demographic, especially as the restaurant also opened a big backyard patio space.

I walked in the restaurant and it was almost 2pm. If you can’t arrive early to start a lunch hour, it might be best to come the latest. The restaurant was still about more than 50% full. I happily picked a table close to the window, opting to sit in the dining area and not the patio. Thinking the corn dogs might be a little heavy, I opted for the lightest lobster dish, that is Rock Lobster’s Lobster Taco.

The corn dogs came first. Two corn dogs with two dips, I had my work cut out of me. The batter was thin and crispy, it was surprisingly not as heavy as I thought it would be. Now while I thought I would be raving about the maple mustard dip, I actually preferred the siracha mayo with my corn dog. It layered the corn dog with that savory, creamy kick. I would surely come back for this one.

The Lobster taco arrived before I finished one corn dog. It was indeed photogenic and later I found out it was as good as it looked. On a fresh soft taco was a generous pile of lobster at the bottom, corn, micro greens with creamy zesty mayo I think to tie it all in. I had to interchange between the corn dog and the taco and I was glad I was prudent enough to get the taco instead of the poutine. It would have been too much if I had to filling dishes.

So if you want to try out what the fuss is all about, I say you would have better chances of trying Rock Lobster by their Queen St. West location. When I start missing seafood once again, I would surely drop by for that Steam Whistle Steam pot to indulge in seafood.

Rock Lobster on Urbanspoon
Rock Lobster on Urbanspoon