Dr. Generosity – Permanently closed

Posted on September 13, 2013


There is something so right about waking up lazily on a Sunday morning and having a really indulgent breakfast. That was what happened last weekend. After a very long week, I planned to see my friend Helen and have brunch. Wanting to have no issues with parking nor distance, I chose a restaurant that was midway for between her and me. For that Sunday morning, we shared a meal by Bloor West Village’s Dr. Generosity.

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There was never a time when I would be bored when I am with my friend Helen. No matter how long far apart we were, we seem just to pick up the conversation where we left off very easily. The banter was as lively and definitely as funny as always. As we updated each other, we shared an indulgent meal. I went for the Lisa’s Bloor West Village Special (a cacophony of nuggets of Kielbasa, cream cheese omelette) and Helen rightfully chose the day’s special of French Toast with berries and pecans.

When the plates arrived, I half-regretted not having Helen’s instinct. Her dish looks very enticing as a tower of a french toast was sinfully plated for her to devour. Just looking at it again now makes me crave it. And mind you, it is as good as it looks! I have a good friend in Helen that she shared her breakky with me. Not that mine was bad. It was pretty indulgent too. Generous bits of meaty kielbasa peppered the omelette with bursts here and there of cream cheese. How can you not love that? Definitely rich. I have to confess I did not really finish it as it was just over the top generous serving. I brought the rest of it home and had it for dinner (insert big grin here).

For when we were done, to shake off the guilt, we treated ourselves an impromptu hike by High Park. Life simple pleasures sure did make that weekend perfect. Indulgent breakfast with a friend and a walk through High Park, hit me up with that once again soon! No resistance from me, for sure.

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