Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market and Pure Spirits at the Distillery

Posted on October 26, 2013


I always spent time with my GSK friends when my birthday week arrives. As they made me choose the restaurant, I had another idea in mind. My friends Arsha and Monika always expressed that they wanted to see the Distillery District. She has never been in this tourist area despite being a resident of Toronto for so long and I guess I sold the idea to her how it is a Toronto must-see. Also, just because they are never downtown Toronto nearly often enough, I brought them to Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market too. I had every intent to show them the gems of Toronto that makes it worth the drive from Mississauga.

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They picked me up from my condo early enough. By 10am that Saturday morning, we were part of the bustle of the farmers market. Just like always, Evergreen Brickworks gives me that comfort of a relaxed pace while I browsed on fresh Ontario-grown vegetables and a good variety of novelty foods, meats, cheeses and baked bread. We got caught up at one of the bread vendors as bread was my friend Monika’s weakness. Chomping on the potato bread that she brought which we later finished with good coffee, it was the perfect Saturday stroll.

After all the browsing with all the wares at Evergreen, we then drove to The Distillery District. I always loved this place as it gives me a sentimentality when I see its old brick buildings and cobblestones. No matter what time of day, the rays of the sun makes the bricks flicker red or the gray cloudy skies makes it seem a shade of deep rouge. Either way, it never fails to impress me.It was extra special that day as I was weaving in and out the little charming shops with my two good friends, Arsha and Monika. As you can see, I photobombed Monika’s attempt to take pictures of this place.

When we worked up an appetite, we walked into Pure Spirits. Like my usual way, I already have went through their website and have seen exactly what I would order for that lunch. I had my eye on Fillet of Artic char with saffron and mascarpone risotto charred asparagus, picatta sauce. Doesn’t this description of this entree’ just make you hungry? I found it funny that after I mentioned what I was going for, my two friends also followed suit. We ended up all ordering the same thing.

I must say, it was such a memorable dish. The fish was perfection, crisp skin and plump, sweet and pliant flesh, perfectly cooked and moist. It had notes of bitterness from the Shiso and that citrusy perk from the lemony picatta sauce. The perfectly cooked fish was also sitting on a bed of creamy risotto. Every bite on that dish I relished and I saw that both my friends felt the same way about the dish. All three of us cleaned our plates really well.

That was such the perfect Saturday to spend with friends. If you find yourself without any agenda this Saturday, consider the drive to Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market and then towards the Distillery. I just know it would be a trip you would not regret.
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