The Pie Commission

Posted on December 1, 2013


I found myself on the south-western part of Etobicoke a few weeks ago as I searched for unique Christmas gifts. I tend to go far and wide when I want to find quirky and unique gifts for family and friends. Shopping tends to build up my appetite and I must admit I am not too familiar with the area. Searching Urbanspoon, my interest was piqued by The Pie Commission. After seeing their website, I imagine the place to be straightforward, fast and deliciously savory. Oh yes, these pies are not for anyone’s sweet tooth. These pies were the flaky, savoury, meaty kind.

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It was a challenge initially to find as The Pie Commission was at the back of the building. If I do influence you to come and try their pies, check out this map first so you don’t get lost like I did. I was unusually stubborn and had meat pie in the brain. So I looked for it until I figured out that it was at the back of the building. On Queensway, go south by Canmotor Avenue and hang a left. You eventually would find The Pie Commission’s graphically-forward design as it emcompasses the whole side of the building. It turns out that the place is only setup for take-out only. The owner did tell me that they would eventually have seating inside.

From a short menu, I naturally gravitated to the option with the bacon which was Chicken Cheddar Bacon Mash. Even after seeing the size of the pie, I did order a second one. I didn’t plan on eating it there. I was planning to bring it for lunch the following day. For the second one, I chose Beef N’ Beer. It didn’t take too long as the pies were already baked and was warming by the oven. I naturally took pictures first before I dove in. It was good that there was a lot of thought in the packaging of the pie. Each pie was packaged in a cardboard with flaps that fold down. Easy enough to hold it and take a bite of the pie like a sandwich that way without squishing the pie and losing its flakiness.

I started eating the Chicken Cheddar Bacon Mash and I could not stop until the last bite which did not take that long.  I was eating it too fast.  It was moist, creamy, savoury and flaky…just about everything I want my meat pie to be. I am quite sure this is not the last time that I would go here. Now that I know of their pies and how accessible and fast it can be, I think I would find myself there when I need instant gratification.

As for my Christmas shopping, it is almost done. Still a few left to find. Maybe I’d swing by South Etobicoke once again :)

P.S.  The Beef N’ Beer was pretty awesome too!  Don’t make me choose between the two.  I just can’t!
The Pie Commission on Urbanspoon