Earl’s Kitchen and Bar

Posted on December 7, 2013


A few weeks ago my friend Valerie invited me to watch the movie Gravity. Because it was said to be best viewed in a 3D facility, we drove all the way out to Vaughn to Colosseum to see it. Maybe I anticipated the traffic too much and we were there way too early. Looking around the vicinity, we opted for Earl’s Kitchen & Bar for its proximity to the theatre. I must say it is a good decision we made that blistering day.

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As we walked in, just as most franchises go, the bar and the dining area are almost of equal size. Initially, I thought it was an American chain but I later found out that its roots were from Winnipeg. We were led to a table by the window and I was handed a menu and it was an array of Canadian comfort food. A good selection of pizzas, pastas, burgers and ribs filled the menu and I opted for Linquini with Manzano tomatoes, feta cheese, good olive oil. It had the option to add shrimp or chicken but I went for just the pasta. I just knew that when the movie comes, I just had to have popcorn. LOL. I know…it is gluttony to even think of what food I am to eat next when I was just about to have a meal. Valerie, meanwhile, opted for a sausage pizza. I must mention that I was most happy with the server that came to attend to us. He had good attention to detail and knows the menu inside out. Sometimes that does factor in the whole experience of dining.

The food came along swiftly and my linquini was an impressive plate of pasta and Manzano tomatoes. The tomatoes was specifically delightful as it gives a warm comfort as it burst as you bite. I was not really planning on finishing it as I had to make room for my popcorn but I could not stop myself indulging in it. Ah well, I ended up eating only a third of the popcorn I bought. Valerie was equally happy with her pizza. It did look good, luscious and crusty just the way I want it. In retrospect, I should have asked for a taste. I was overly concerned about not having enough room for popcorn.

It was a really good find to eat at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar. And of course, the movie Gravity was so amazing on IMAX screen. It was an entirely different experience to view it in 3D. Like Earl’s Kitchen and Bar, I do recommend you see it when you get a chance and see it 3D.  The storyline was solid.  Just the panoramic views would be reason enough to see it. :)

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