Drake One Fifty – Temporarily closed

Posted on December 31, 2013


Today, I finally got to see my friend, Titaflips, a.k.a. Diona Joyce once again to celebrate a very belated Christmas lunch. With the crazy schedule of the holidays and now with a small little boss named Tianna Diane (see cutesy pic of Diona’s daughter), our food trips have to be scheduled with more consideration. After finishing my errand for the day, I picked her up and this time we checked out Drake One Fifty.

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Easy enough to find at York and Adelaide, it was almost 1pm when we walked in. The restaurant was bustling with the lunch crowd despite the day being still a holiday. The restaurant had the feel of a retro diner, refined with a sleek bar, handsome banquet seating, art deco floor tiles, Americana accessories and fixtures. The only thing missing in that perfect picture of Drake One Fifty’s interior landscape was a girl with a 50’s dress with balloon skirt and a boy with the perfect bowtie.

Just like the tradition of The Drake Hotel at Queen St.West, Drake One Fifty created food in good fashion. As I wanted to try several things from the menu, Diona and I ended up splitting each dish of Nona’s meatballs, Shishito peppers, frites and gnocchi. Each plate was visually appealing, coming in black dinner ware and shallow cast iron pans. The way it was plated enhanced the colors and made it more vivid, surely egging me to take more pictures of it. Of the four we have taken, I have a toss-up for the best dish. It’s between the gnocchi and the shishito peppers. I might be a little be bordering with the shishito peppers, if I really have to pick one. There was a moment when I felt regret not ordering beer as it might have been a good pairing with the shishito peppers.

Drake One Fifty was definitely a splurge and an experience at the same time.  It’s vintage glam done right.

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