Toronto Region Board of Trade and Oliver & Bonacini Events

Posted on January 26, 2014


Upon invitation by The Mint Agency, Abe and I attended the launch of the newly renovated Toronto Region Board of Trade event space by First Canadian Place last Wednesday. Oliver & Bonacini Events, pulled out all the stops showcasing the gourmet food from Toronto Region Board of Trade, Oliver & Bonacini Events, Malaparte and the Arcadian.

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From the time that we arrived, before we even stepped on the elevator, we were already given a treat of cheddar dipped in maple reduction. I am definitely copying the idea next time I organize a dinner as the mix of saltiness tempered with the sweetness of maple is rather addicting. As we left the elevator, like a moth to a flame, I gravitated to the bubbly table. How can you miss it when champagne glasses were stuffed with Cotton Candy and was indulgently filled with good quality bubbly. I didn’t plan on drinking but I could not help myself, wanting to know what it tasted like. The cotton candy definitely added a bit of sweetness but it was not over the top.

Walking through the doors, we were greeted by a vast space, brimming with people. Scouting the spacious party area, I saw food stations on the peripherals, the bar area by the window and the high ceilings were covered with a collage of lights. Right on the middle were bar tables and a lounge area. I rather liked the sequined table-cloth as it added sparkle to the elegant evening. On the background, music streamed, adding to the buzz of lively conversations. I must say I was more overwhelmed at how the party was organized. It had all the right things and everything was well thought of. And I haven’t even tasted the food yet.

What we indulged for the night were Poached Salmon Sliders with aioli, Vegetable Sliders with slaw, Korean Flank Steak with glass noodles, Smoked Lake Huron White Fish, Seared Rice Cake and Pork Belly, stuffed eggplant, ham croquettes and stuffed zucchini. Whew! Trying to remember this all was challenging. LOL. Of all of them, I could not resist repeating the Korean Flank Steak with Glass noodles. I would have gone for more food if I could and probably go after one more Poached Salmon slider. Ah but just not possible after all that food. For dessert, we found a table by GloryHole Doughnuts by the Wedding Suite. I tried a few bites of doughnuts but it was really pushing it. LOL.

Thank you The Mint Agency for inviting us to see and sample the food of Toronto Region Board of Trade. I am impressed with the venue and the food. That was indeed a party. :)