Posted on February 15, 2014


Wednesday was peculiar that I felt so hungry faster than norm. I usually eat the same things while I work and I could not understand why the sudden need for more food. Usually I pack an afternoon snack in the form of a sandwich for my drive home. But being hungry that day, I ate it before the usual time.  That day, my day did not end that afternoon as I have to  shoot for EyeCandyTO. Driving there, I knew I had to make a pit stop. That or I would be grumpy while working.

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Arriving earlier than Abe, I searched the Annex area for a quick bite and I came upon Say Cheese Toronto. It was the perfect solution for me. It was just what I need at that moment, a grilled cheese would be fast, swift and big enough to tide me over. What was good about it was that it was just a block away from where the photoshoot was going to be. I thought I had a few minutes to spare and I could prolly bribe Abe with his own grilled sandwich since the prices were quite affordable. It must be its proximity to U of T that it considered student prices for its food.

When I walked in, it was immediate confirmation that students were on their mind. Funky, light neon panels and social media quips adorned its walls, Free WIFI and easy and straightforward counter for ordering, there was no mistaking who loves this restaurant. I just might learn to love it too and make it my regular solution when I go to the Annex. I had that thought when I was reading what goes into The Sweet Swine grilled cheese sandwich they have in their menu.

Anyone who knows me would find it predictable that I would go for The Sweet Swine as it was loaded with cheese (but, of course!), bacon, pickles, maple syrup and caramelized onions. Everything in that sandwich I definitely liked. And as if I didn’t have already ordered an overload of cheese, I impulsively asked for mac n’ cheese as a side. As I was waiting, I texted Abe to check if he was back. Attaching a picture of the menu, I knew he would forgive me for being late. He texted me he would want a Nacho Libre please. LOL. It was a grilled cheese with tomato salsa, guacamole and jalapeno. I would have wanted that if it wasn’t trumped by The Sweet Swine. I always add grilled tomatoes to my own grilled cheese if I make it.

When my grilled cheese came, it was just as pretty and tasty as I was hoping it to be. Crusty and buttery on the outside, it had that satisfying crunchy sounds as you bite into it. It was such an indulgent sandwich as it was brimming with bacon. Balancing the richness, the pickles and the caramelized onion completed the package. I am definitely making this place my go-to quick fix! As for that mac n’ cheese side, it was a treat to see them make the Bechamel sauce from scratch. That made a lot of difference to the experience. The taste was as creamy and cheesy as it can possibly go.

If grilled cheese is your comfort food, I say go and try out SayCheeseTO. They definitely would give you a satisfaction once you hold that grilled cheese in your hands.

P.S.  And the EyeCandyTO shoot went well as I was a happy camper with my satisfied tummy.  See Valentine greet to see my happiness.  Belated Happy Valentines Day! :)
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