Food Trippin’ at Pacific Mall

Posted on February 16, 2014


I finally did it and gave me trusty old Macbook a partial retirement.  She has been such a part of me for about 6 years and very much instrumental in building this blog.  I tend to work most of the images in my iMac but the writing happens with my best friend as I can be anywhere as I put all the yummy thoughts out of my head and into this blog.

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I finally got a replacement and I found out so much can be done to take care of the newer models.  There are the hard cases for protection, plastic anti-scratch layers and catch-all covers for the keyboard.  And it comes in every colour imaginable. LOL.  There is such an insatiable appetite to customize these new gadgets I am bewildered at the choices that I have found out for it.

The best place you can go to so you can really pimp it out to the max without hurting your wallet is getting them all at Pacific Mall at Scarborough.  It has always been my go-to place for anything I needed for my iPhone, iPod and now the Macbook adds on to the list.  I always find that it only cost me just about half or even less of what I was to pay if I got it in a typical Canadian mall.  If you haven’t been there yet, it is a like a trip to Hongkong where you would see the cutest of things that you would not usually be available elsewhere.  It always entertains me to mill about and see what new thing I find.  From designer eyeglasses to sassy clothes, from paraphernalia I would kill for when I was in my teens to accessories that I have no need for but I would prolly find justification why I have to get it if I think it hard enough. It is such a kaleidoscope of Asian needs and whims, it is entertainment even if you just window-shop.

And of course, when I go from store to store, I would be snacking along the way as the mall has a lot of  snack bars that sell usual Asian street food.  It’s not unusual to see people munching on these food as they look and gawk at the items at the stalls and I do the exact same thing.  Each lane would have Asian groceries and sweets (I scored Kitkat Green Tea Flavor!), bubble teas and fruit smoothies, dim sum, skewered steamed fish/meat balls drenched in curry, fresh and hot bean cakes that you smell a km away and longanisa rolling in a typical hotdog display warmer just to name a few.  If you go to the third floor, you would find a big food court where there are more treats. Just follow the smell of warm  and fresh Koren waffles and you would find it. My personal time-waster is to watch a man expertly pull, knead and whack to submission fresh noodles they make on the spot.  To a foodie that is quality entertainment.  Of all the food here, my most favourite are what they call tempura on a stick from Real Fruit Bubble Tea.  It isn’t the same as the deep-fried tempura at a regular sushi place.  This one comes boiled on a broth and usually have an option for a spicy or curry sauce.  I always just eat it on its own and pair it with  their Taro smoothie bubble tea.  This bubble tea reminds me of my favorite Filipino ice cream.  Just be sure to say Taro smoothie bubble tea (comes with crushed ice) rather than just Taro bubble tea (comes with ice cubes).  I like mine to have that milkshake experience.

If you have not came here yet, come for the experience.  I know parking might be challenging and the traffic on the mall property can get you gritting your teeth, but persevere a little and it will be worth your while.  It would be an interesting walk in the mall, I guarantee it.  Today I got my tempura, my Macbook and iPhone dressed fashionably without costing me much.  That alone was time and money well spent.