Hello #Raptors at Duke’s Refresher Bar

Posted on April 30, 2014


Go Raptors Go!

And a dormant basketball fan awakes….

What hockey is to Canada is what basketball is in the Philippines. This sport was so embraced, you would find makeshift basketball hoops literally everywhere. When I moved to Canada, I have lost sight of it but last week, I rediscovered that rush of adrenalin with this spectator sport. Watching the Toronto Raptors on their 4th game in this first round series against the Brooklyn Nets, it was definitely an adrenalin rush. Now pair that with a cold pint of beer and cheering crowd at Duke’s Refresher Bar, the moment couldn’t get any better.

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I met with friends as I had a hidden motive to remind them of my upcoming opening reception for Catalonia’s Castellers. Years after we finished photography courses at Ryerson, we still meet regularly for beer. I chose Duke’s Refresher Bar for two reasons. First was that it was easily accessible as it has a subway station at close proximity and second was its extensive list of beer on tap. What I didn’t know was the bonus of being able to watch the Toronto Raptors game that night. That was a definite bonus.

Just like riding a bike, I still understand nooks and crannies of how a basketball game goes. From three-point shots to travelling violations to a technical foul, I found it weird that I was explaining the game in detail to a friend of mine who would have done the same if I were watching a hockey game. It was a cliffhanger of a game that night and unfortunately, the last two foul shots were missed and the Raptors lost with a few measly points. I wouldn’t take away about how good a game it was as it made me hold my breath once again as I watched. I squealed, I fidgeted and I squirmed with every dribble of that ball from both ends of the court. This dormant fan is awake!

I watched again tonight and the Toronto Raptor wins game 5 giving Toronto Raptors a 3-2 lead against the Brooklyn Nets. What a rush to win a nail-biting game and the fever is all over Toronto. Game six is coming soon and if you want the same euphoria and not want that bite of cold spring air at Air Canada Centre, consider going to Duke’s Refresher Bar. Winning would be even better with a cold pint of beer!

Go Raptors Go!

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