That Italian Place

Posted on June 4, 2014


My friend Monica tried inviting me once to join them for lunch at That Italian Place but at the time, I cannot make an impromptu decision to drop my plans. I asked for a rain check and I reminded Monica of it a few weeks later. It was popular with the locals but it hit the roof with new patrons after it got featured on the hit Food TV Network Show “You Gotta Eat Here!”. I just had to know for myself so I was glad Monica was able to join me. And just like a wildfire, we got a few more friends to tag along.

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Since lunch hour tends to be shorter than the regular hour, we actually called in what we wanted to get ahead of the game. I must say that there was a lot in their menu that I wanted to try. I initially planned to get the stromboli but after I was told Porchetta with Rapini was in their Menu of the Day, I changed my mind and went for porchetta and a side Caesar salad. It was one of the dishes that was featured in the show and I just had to know how it tasted.

When we got in there, the restaurant was full and with a queue by the cashier. It was set up with an ordering counter and a lot of tables around the counter should you decide to stay. We still had to wait a bit for the food and I didn’t want to imagine how it will be had we not called earlier. And it isn’t because they move slow; they are anything but slow. The queue was really long. The food must be really good.

The strombolis came first as they were already prepped but are made toasty in a panini press as it is ordered. I definitely know what dish to order if ever I am in a hurry. Just looking at its toasty edges made my tummy growl. Finally my food came and I must say that it was quite generous. The salad could be a main with its size. Because of that I only ate half of my porchetta sandwich, saving the other half for the drive home. It was moist and its richness was cut by the bitterness of the rapine. It was indeed my kind of sandwich.

After such a good lunch, I wished the day ended with my rain check. Lunching with friends always gets me to relax way too much. Had to go back to work. Wishful thinking I know. ;)

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