By The Way Cafe

Posted on June 14, 2014


Coming home from a dinner party late last night, I had a fleeting thought that I would not wake up early Saturday morning. I had to get out of my usual lazy Saturday slumber to take down my Catalonia’s Castellers exhibit at The Rivoli, which had its run at the Rivoli for the past month and a half. And boy did I ever miss my waking hour. Rushing through a hasty shower, I literally ran out half asleep to make it to my 9am appointment.

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All through the drive I got myself listening to loud music and by the time I was downtown, I was alert (or so I claim to be). Taking it down the images didn’t take too much time and I was out of there in under an hour. It did feel a little melancholy for a while as I sat behind the wheel finishing up a show.  After it was said and done, I finally heard my grumbling tummy and noticed my endless teary-eyed yawnings. I needed to be caffeinated. LOL. Then came a thought of having a quick breakfast at By The Way Cafe at the Annex.

I could always count on The Annex to wake up earlier than most neighbourhoods in Toronto.  Parking was still easy to find and free patio tables were even easier.  It was a really sunny day but the wind still was nippy.  I chose a table where the sun can still give me warmth.  I forgot to grab a sweater in my sleepy haze of getting downtown.  I think this summer is not even going to happen this year in Toronto but I am still thankful of each blue-skies-sunny mornings.

Looking through their menu while sipping a blissfully hot coffee, I felt a semblance of order return to my day.  I opted for the one of the omelette special of the day that was stuffed with Italian sausage, jalapeños, caramelized onions and smoky cheddar cheese.  I do think I need to give myself that little kick of a spice to really fully wake up.

It wasn’t long a wait when I had my breakfast plate handed to me.  It was sure a bounty of food.  LOL.  There was nothing like fresh eggs to start the day.  The heat of the jalapeños was just what I needed to make my taste buds sing.  The hash underneath  was spectacular too.  I kinda skipped the bagel just taking a few bites as the tasty hash was plenty.  I did appreciate too the bottomless coffee.  By the time I was done, I was full, satisfied and most importantly awake.

As I paid the bill, I see almost all the tables were occupied and there were more pedestrians on the street.  Toronto is finally waking up just like me.  Happy weekend!

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